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For the following articles:

Paul as Herodian, Interpreting Abeit-Galuto in the Habakkuk Pesher: Playing on and Transmuting Terms,

Interpreting Some Esotericisms: The Kings of the Peoples, the Princes of Judah and Gehazi in the Damascus Document,

Joining/Joiners, ‘Arizei-Go’im, and the Simple of Ephraim Relating to a Cadre of Gentile God-Fearers at Qumran,

The Final Proof that James and the Righteous Teacher are the Same, see R. Eisenman, The Dead Sea Scrolls and The First Christians, HarperCollins, 2004:

For Eisenman’s translations of The Damascus Document, The Community Rule, and The Habakkuk Pesher also see The Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians





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