Welcome to the University Interfaith Center Website!

April 22 is Earth Day.  There is a global green ribbon pledge campaign this year for the entire week, beginning April 22.  You can pick up your ribbon in USU-Rm 103.  Help raise the awareness of care needed for our planet earth and wear a green ribbon.  

The leadership for Earth Day/Week is encouraging people to take the following pledge, 

"We, the people of earth, join together in a global partnership and pledge to:  Respect earth and all life.  Care for the community of life and all its diversity.  Strive to build free, just, participatory, sustainable, and peaceful societies.  Secure Earth's abundance and beauty for present and future generations."

Listed below are current members of the center.
Please feel free to contact them for further information.

Catholic Newman Community
Carol Clason, Campus Minister
(562) 985-7629
email: cclason@csulb.edu
website: www.csulb.edu/~catholic

Cooperative Protestant Campus Ministry (CPCM)
Adele Langworthy, Campus Minister
(562) 985-7595
email: cloves@msn.com
website: www.csulb.edu/org/cpcm

St. Gregory's Episcopal Church
(562) 420-1311

Hillel Jewish Organization
Jeff Posner, Campus Minister
(562) 985-7585
email: MrIntegrity@usa.net

Unitarian Universalist Church
Marguerite Lovett, Pastor
(562) 597-8445
email: uuclb@gte.net

United Methodist Campus Ministry
Mary Kay Will, Campus Minister
(562) 985-4369
email: mwill@csulb.edu

Vedanta Society - Hindu
Bill Scott (Swami Atmavidyananda)
(323) 960-1737
email: atmavidya@vedanta.org