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Usability and accessibility are closely related

  • Non accessible products are not usable by at least one group of users
  • Technical accessibility vs. usable accessibility
  • Accessibility improves usability for everyone


  • If a product is not accessible for a group of users with disabilities, then it has failed at being usable by a target group of users needing to interact with it.
  • There are two types of accessibility: technical accessibility and usable accessibility.
    • A product should provide an easy interaction for all persons who use it.
    • If a product is not usable by a group of users with disabilities, is it really accessible?
  • When accessibility is improved, usability for persons with and without disabilities is also improved.
    • Electronic curbcuts
    • Add structure to a webpage to make it readable by a screen reader, and then you suddenly have a format that can be much more easily adapted by a PDA

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