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Which guidelines does this homepage fail to follow?

Screen shot of the Bexi website homepage with poor usability evidenced by it's nonconformance to the following of Nielsen's guidelines for homepage usability: site purpose is unclear, users cannot tell what can be done on the site, real site content is hidden, and left hand navigation is overformatted


  • This is an actual home page.
  • Problems:
    1. The purpose of the site is clear.
      • There is a one sentence tagline, but it is hidden and uses abbreviations.
      • Where do you go for more information "about" the company?
    2. Users are not given any information about what they can do on the site.
      • The "demo" and information on the types of HTML items that can be created on the site is hidden.
      • There is no search box.
    3. Real site content (demo) is hidden.
    4. The visual design interferes with the user experience.
      • The left hand navigation is overformatted.
      • Most graphics are not meaningful and do not help guide users to important information.
      • Links don't look like links.
      • Layout is not standard

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