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Not focusing on the user results in bad design

Bad usability examples include many “obviously bad” designs

Photo of a child's camera Close-up photo of an easily accessed film release button on a child's cameraClose-up photo of a screw being used to prevent an easily accessed film release button on a child's camera from being pressed


  • I include this example to show how widespread usability is, and how it is always important to keep the user in mind.
  • When I was listing the components that define usability, they all related to a user’s experience with the product.
  • However, products often lack a consideration of the user’s goals, abilities, and previous experience and a bad design is the result.
  • The problem is that it is too easy for a child (the main user) to make a mistake, because designers were not thinking about who was going to use the product, and what they would do with it.
  • If the user does their own fix, it’s probably because the usability is poor.

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