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A. Categories for accessibility resources

  • Product Type
    • E.g., Desktop and Portable Computers, Web-Based Information and Applications
  • Evaluation Method
    • E.g., Design Walkthrough, Heuristics, Standards/Guidelines Review – Manual, User Testing
  • Assistive Technology
    • E.g., Alternative Input Devices, Braille Embossers, Keyboard Filters, Screen Readers
  • Resource Purpose
    • E.g., Design Techniques, Evaluation Techniques/Methodology, Evaluation Tool, Service Provider


  • We've developed a strategy for resources categorization so that they can be searchable.
  • Compiling resources involves adding any resources about accessibility to a repository like third-party service providers, testing methods used by different labs, laws and guidelines
  • Evaluation methods (usability)
    • E.g., Design walkthrough, heuristics, standards/guidelines review, expert testing
  • Assistive technology
    • E.g., alternative input devices, braille embossers
  • Resource Purpose
    • They'll be put into a user interface on a website where they will be able to be searched through.
    • There are also tools in the database.
  • Resource that are inserted:
    • Standards/guidelines and assistance w/ understanding
    • Methodologies for accessibility testing
    • Accessibility research facilities
    • Accessibility checklists used by various groups
    • Third-party testing resources

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