Presentation on CUDA and Evaluating Accessibility

Evaluation of Products for Accessibility: The CUDA Lab at CSULB and Technical Evaluation at the Campus Level

Presentation Slides by Title

  1. Evaluation of Products for Accessibility: The CUDA Lab at CSULB and Technical Evaluation at the Campus Level
  2. Center for Usability in Design and Accessibility (CUDA)
  3. Usability refers to the ease of using a product
  4. Not focusing on the user results in bad design
  5. Poor label mapping is common among bad usability designs
  6. Which is the best solution?
  7. Which is the best solution?(2)
  8. Usability is evaluated by several different methods
  9. User tasks must be defined before evaluating usability
  10. Cognitive walkthrough
  11. Heuristic and guideline evaluation
  12. Nielsen's guidelines for homepage usability
  13. Which guidelines does this homepage fail to follow?
  14. User test
  15. The user testing lab replicates the user environment
  16. Accessibility means providing equal access for users with disabilities
  17. All disabilities should be considered when evaluating accessibility
  18. Usability and accessibility are closely related
  19. Usability testing methods should apply to accessibility testing
  20. Often, only one method is used to evaluate accessibility
  21. Section 508 (1194.22) Web-based intranet and internet information and applications
  22. This homepage is not accessible either
  23. The homepage with graphics turned off
  24. CUDA is experienced evaluating usability and accessibility
  25. CUDA is developing methodologies to test products used at CSUs
  26. CUDA is developing a set of accessibility heuristics
  27. CUDA will incorporate users with disabilities into user testing
  28. CUDA will make sure the accessibility evaluation methodologies are usable
  29. CUDA has already begun work for the ATI
  30. Categories for accessibility resources
  31. Surveying current hardware and software on CSU campuses
  32. Prototype evaluation methodology
  33. Prototype reporting form
  34. Usable accessibility is the ultimate goal

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