Equipment Placement Exemption from Section 508

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I don't know whether you run into this or not. The idea of products located in spaces frequented occasionally for service. This will probably go away, this has caused more trouble. The problem is that what you're basically saying here is that a person with a disability can't be a systems administrator, or if he/she can, then there's going to be more of a burden placed on them to work out their accommodations. The idea was that if you had servers that were located in a server room, and nobody went in there except for weekend maintenance, that those programs that required you to run at the workstation in the room did not have to be accessible. But, if you can access it over the network and you are not in a limited space, then, it has to be accessible. And that one has caused so much argument and so on, what the interesting this is that this is a decision that it made by the purchasing agent, it is not made by industry. Dell, for a long time, had up on their website, this is a web-based server, and it does not have to comply with 508. And, it doesn't have to comply with 508 as long as it sits in a closet and nobody goes there. But, maybe somebody took it out and put it under their desk? Well, guess what, it just got covered. Ironically, a lot of it has to do with location.

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