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Speaker 1

I have a question. Are there any places, or I guess does the Federal Government have a list of manufacturers of products that might be accessible. For instance, fax machines and printers that have those types of displays. Is there any kind of database that is available about commercially available products?


There has certainly been a lot of talk. The Federal government won't. Debbie do you know of any?


No. I think the issue is that somebody has to come up with an economic model about how something like that would bring in enough income so that it could be kept up to date. That'd be a very big job.


The problem is that nobody wants to put on their website that this particular item, we found to meet the specs, because then they become liable.

Speaker 4

There is one place, that HR uses I recommend called the JOB.


It's the JAM network of accommodations that includes a lot of technology in it. It's a database of accessible technology, as well as other kinds of accommodations.

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