Client and Server Side Maps' Accessibility

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This is reasonably technical. This has to do with client or server side images. Those of you who have been doing webpages know that a server side image map, image map being the sort of thing that is like a picture of Independence Mall in Washington D.C. and a row of the Smithsonian buildings around it. If you want information about the buildings, you click on it. That's an image map. There are two types. There's the server side, where it lives on the server and your program is interacting with the server's map and there isn't any way for the programmers to build in alt text. Therefore, if you have links in a server side map, you do need a redundant set of links at the bottom. For instance, links that listed all the Smithsonians. If I use a term, I'm assuming that most people know. Then again, I'm not really using many technical terms. Does everybody know what an alt tag is? Client side image maps are much easier to make accessible. You can actually apply alt tags directly to the links within the map and that's why they are preferred.

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