Necessary Components of the VPAT

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Software applications and operating systems, some though should go in to maybe they should be separated.


That's what the TEITAC is doing with categories. They're getting rid of categories altogether and that's problematic too to some extent. I think, one of the things that I think we could use is something like a diagnostic that comes before the VPAT that helps you determine which of the standards apply to a product. Something that would make it easier for people to do that.

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For the end user to pick something to begin with.


What about a flowchart?


Of the procurement process?


And the testing. We could always put that in a table for accessibility.

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I do think it's important though, when you mentioned those things about having access to service areas, in terms of ranking about how things are done, and the number of people that are handling things, let's just assume that everybody, it may not be possible for everybody to do everything in terms of evaluation. So, in terms of ranking the stuff. If its something that in the server room, or something like that, then maybe that ranks lower in terms of time and attention. I'm not saying that you shouldn't do it, but at some point, you're going to have to prioritize which one is more important and obviously something that affects one thousand people using it daily or a hundred people or something like that, is going to be more important than something that may not have a need for it at this moment in time in the server room. I'm not saying you're not ever going to have to need it, but that's where people need to make a determination and that might help in terms of the procurement people, where do I spend my time? If you look at it, the whole body of everything that they have to procure, it's too formidable, you're going to have to break it down into manageable chunks.

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