Mechanically Operated Controls and Keys - 1194.23(k)

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Controls and keys shall be tactily discernable. I know that the new people are wrestling with the term, and they may have actually come up with something better. What it means is that if I tell you that the cursor keys, on a computer, are in the lower left hand corner of the keyboard, and they are separated out in a block of three, you won't have any trouble discerning rather or not they are the cursor keys. Some laptops, when you open them up, literally have a sea of keys, and there is no distinguishing marks. Even if you know that the cursor keys are down near the bottom left, you really have to pay attention and count to decide is this right or left, or am I actually on some other key? Same with the function keys on top. This particular computer has one of the best compliant keyboards. Because even though it's a laptop, the keys are well marked in terms of just being discernable. Those are the function keys, that's F1 through you know, and they're not numbered, I didn't put numbers on them but there are spaces and so on that make the keys tactily discernable and yesterday we were talking about that the keyboard standards are that you need to be able to recognize a key, at find it, and by touching it, not have it activate. That's what this is saying, that you need to have it tactily discernable without operating the action of the key.

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