Accessibility Testing Center

The Accessibility Testing Center (ATC) is located at the Center for Usability in Design and Accessibility (CUDA) on the campus of California State University, Long Beach.

  • CUDA's testing facility is providing a foundation on which the ATC is being built
  • CUDA's many years of experience evaluating the usability of products by user testing are being leveraged to set up a facility capable of evaluating the accessibility of products through user testing

CUDA is undergoing a complete remodel to make ready the ATC for user testing

  • A new testing computer (PC) will store multiple configurations of Assistive Technology for testing software and web applicatons
  • A Mac computer will be available to test Mac specific applications
  • An observation computer will record testing data, such as video of the participant interacting with the product, and on-screen activities if a participant is working with a computer application
  • A usability test faciliator and observers will sit behind a one-way mirror to relay tasks to participants and ask questions (over intercom), and monitor participant progress on tasks
  • New carpet will dampen sounds to provide a better environment for recording participant audio during testing
  • A sound proof room divider will divide the testing area from the meeting room area
  • A meeting/training area will provide a space for meetings, trainings, and presentations

When the ATC is functional it will provide to the CSU community:

  • Methodologies for evaluating the accessibility of products at multiple levels of detail
  • Specifications on equipment used at CUDA to evaluate the accessibility of products
  • Information on how to set up an accessibility testing center
  • Information on the accessibility of products evaluated at CUDA

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