Supporting the CSU Accessible Technology Initiative

California State University (CSU) Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)External Link

The purpose of the ATI is to make information technology resources and services at CSUs accessible to all CSU students, faculty, staff and the general public regardless of disability.

As part of their efforts the ATI has:

For updates about current ATI activities, check the ATI NewsletterExternal Link

Center for Usability in Design and Accessibility (CUDA) Support of the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)

CUDA is an established research and testing center specializing in product usability and accessibility evaluations. As the guiding principle of the ATI is to have products at the CSU "usable by the greatest number of people including individuals with disabilities," CUDA has been recruited to support the ATI in product evaluations and other activities.

In support of the ATI CUDA has:

  • Created the Database of Accessibility Resources to provide easy access to helpful accessibility information. Accessibility resources are divided into categories based on:
    • ATI Training Resources - Whether they were created as part of the CSU-ATI program or by the worldwide accessibility community
    • Product Type - The types of Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) product that they reference
    • Evaluation Method - The types of accessibility evaluation method that they reference
    • Assistive Technology - The types of assistive technology (used by people with disabilities to access E&IT) that they reference
    • Topic - The main topics that they discuss
  • Compiled ATI produced accessibility training that make it easy to:

CUDA is also working to develop Accessibility Testing Center information to provide:

  • Methodologies for evaluating the accessibility of products at multiple levels of detail
  • Specifications on equipment used to evaluate the accessibility of products at CUDA
  • Information on how to set up an accessibility testing center
  • Information on the accessibility of products evaluated at CUDA

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