Supporting the CSU Accessible Technology Initiative

The Systemwide California State University (CSU) Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)External Link

The purpose of the systemwide ATI is to make information technology resources and services at all CSU campuses and the Chancellor's Office accessible to all CSU students, faculty, and staff and the general public irrespective of disability.

As part of its efforts, the ATI has:

  • Developed a plan for CSU campuses to create accessible instructional materials for their courses
  • Provided information to assist procurement officers in accessible Electronic and Information Technology procurement
  • Implemented a plan for web accessibility on CSU web sites, web content, and web applications
  • Gathered information to help CSU campuses understand and comply with Section 508
  • Gathered information on creating accessible content
  • Shared information about accessibility projects among the CSU campuses
  • Organized accessibility related events and trainings

About the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) at CSU Long Beach

CUDA Support of the Systemwide CSU ATI

As an established research and testing center at CSU Long Beach specializing in product usability and accessibility evaluations, CUDA supports the systemwide efforts of the CSU ATI in a variety of ways. For example, CUDA:

  • Has contributed to ATI's collection of accessibility resources that includes:
    • Accessibility training materials - Whether created as part of the CSU ATI or by the worldwide accessibility community
    • Information about the accessibility of various types of Electronic and Information Technology products
    • Accessibility evaluation methodologies
    • Information about Assistive Technology
  • Has been instrumental in creating and distributing the online accessibility Annual Reports that all campuses must submit for Instructional Materials, Procurement, and Web priority areas.
  • Is responsible for analyzing the data from the Annual Reports and drafting the Executive Summary and Success Indicators Details reports that present the findings.
  • Participates in accessibility evaluations conducted by the CSU ATI.