Usability Evaluation Services

We evaluate the following four dimensions of usability:

  • How effective and efficient a product or site is at supporting users goals, purposes, and objectives.
  • How easy a product or site is to learn how to use for beginners.
  • How easy a product or site is to use for experienced users.
  • To what extent users prefer a product or site over others available.

We offer the following usability evaluation services:

  • User Needs Assessments:
    • used to determine the scope and significance of users' needs.
    • used to define the goals, environmental constraints, and processes necessary for a product to fulfill its intended purpose(s).
    • done using surveys, focus groups, interviews, task analyses, and/or observation.
  • Walkthrough and Heuristics (guideline) Evaluations:
    • used to review the user interface of a product or web site.
    • prerequisites to user testing.
    • done by trained evaluators who apply empirically derived usability heuristics (guidelines) as they "walkthrough" the product or site interface.
    • For samples of our Walkthroughs and Heuristic Evaluations Contact Us
  • User Testing:
    • used to determine what works and what doesn’t for users.
    • used to generate potential solutions to problems. 
    • done by having representatives from the target user population use the product or site
      • in a laboratory setting where they are videotaped as they attempt to accomplish specific tasks (Lab user testing)
      • in the context of the "real world" environment (e.g. home, classroom, office, lab) for which a product or site was designed (Field user testing).  Users are videotaped when the field testing environment allows it.
    • Hybrid usability testing combines methods to best meet the needs and constraints of the users and/or the testing environment.
    • For samples of our Lab User Testing work Contact Us

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