2001-2005 CUDA Projects

CUDA projects from 2001-2005 are presented below in three tables corresponding to the categories of clients CUDA provided services for: Education Clients , Government Clients , and Industry Clients .

CUDA Projects for Education Clients from 2001-2005
Project Title Source/Customer
Heuristic evaluation of On the Cutting Edge web site Carleton College
CSU Alternate Format Textbook survey CATS CDL
Consultation and evaluation services for CATS Conferences 2001-2005 CATS CDL
CATS 2003 conference planning support CATS CDL
CATS ADA Accessibility Summit evaluations CATS CDL
TIGERS IDEA group workshop evaluation and support CATS CDL
Heuristic evaluation of CIELO web site CSUCO CDL
CSU Academic Roundtable – Internet Users Policy survey CSUCO CDL
User test of PharmSim online nursing training course module CSUCO CDL
User Test Round 1 – CSUCO’s Math Success web site CSUCO
Heuristics evaluation of Exchanges: The Online Journal of Teaching and Learning in the CSU CSUCO Institute for Teaching and Learning
User tests of MERLOT OCSK 1.5 and 2.5 CSUCO MERLOT
Quality Assurance (QA) evaluations of MERLOT OCSK 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 2.6 CSUCO MERLOT
QA evaluation of MICMado CSUCO MERLOT
Heuristic evaluation of MERLOT OCSK 2.6 CSUCO MERLOT
Heuristic evaluation of MERLOT Assignments and Help text CSUCO MERLOT
Heuristic evaluation of the Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT) CSUCO MERLOT
Heuristic evaluations of MERLOT’s 15 discipline specific portals CSUCO MERLOT
Heuristic evaluation of MICMado CSUCO MERLOT
MERLOT Federated Search Survey CSUCO MERLOT
MERLOT Community Characteristics Survey CSUCO MERLOT
MERLOT International Conference 2003 Testimonials Survey CSUCO MERLOT
IBM Learning Content Management System (LCRM) web site field test and survey CSUCO MERLOT
IBM LCRM web site lab user test CSUCO MERLOT
MERLOT Tasting Room web site redesign, testing, and maintenance services CSUCO MERLOT
Consultation and evaluation services for MERLOT International Conferences (MIC) 2001-2005 CSUCO MERLOT
Usability workshops at MICs 2003-2005 CSUCO MERLOT
Heuristic evaluation of MIC 2004 Online Registration System CSUCO MERLOT
Consultation and posting services for MERLOT Partner Report Cards (Board members and Editors evaluations) online surveys CSUCO MERLOT
Editorial Board Measures of Success (MOS) online surveys CSUCO MERLOT
MERLOT Personal Collections Content Analysis CSUCO MERLOT
System Wide Academic Technology (SWAT) Services Learning Management Systems Survey CSUCO SWAT
SWAT Services online course tools survey CSUCO SWAT
Berdan Reading Survey CSULB
Usability and consultation services – Realistic Reading project CSULB
UCES web site redesign heuristic evaluation CSULB UCES
Usability Training Workshop: Web Design Guidelines CSUDH
CUDA Projects for Government Clients from 2001-2005
Project Title Source/Customer
LBVAMC Information Resource Management Services (IRMS) support LBVAMC
LBVAMC MCCF Performance Improvement project support LBVAMC
CUDA Projects for Industry Clients from 2001-2005
Project Title Source/Customer
Honda – evaluating the PGM Tester training CD (heuristic evaluation and usability lab test) American Honda Motor Company
Ericsson usability training workshop Ericsson
Usability Training Workshop for First American Real Estate Solutions First American Real Estate Company
Heuristic evaluation of New Media Center’s online Art Education authoring tool Pachyderm New Media Center
Heuristic evaluation of Pachyderm II web site New Media Consortium

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