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California State University, Long Beach
Better odds at the Shops
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Better odds at the Shops

Post Date: December 20, 2012


Rosa Rivera (center) with Fred Neely (left) and Cyndi Farrington (right)

By Marlon D. Deleon, Communications Assistant

As a student employee of the Forty-Niner Shops, there are numerous other benefits than “just a paycheck.” The convenience of location is paramount for some, whereas availabilities are affected by having a job off campus to account for travel time and parking. For others, this is their first job, and what better place to acquire job skills and learn about balancing a job and life than where they’re already coming to learn.

In addition to an immensely convenient job location and the development of professional skills, the Shops offer scholarships that are only available to student employees. Competing for a scholarship offered by the university pits you against 35,000 students, but for the Shops Student Employee Scholarship program, the applicant pool is significantly reduced as there are approximately 600 students working in any of the nearly 30 units around campus and Belmont Shore.

Over $9,000 in scholarships were awarded this fall, including the first ever Fred Neely Scholarship (learn more about Fred here). Congratulations to all of the 2012 scholarship winners and thank you for all of your contributions to the Forty-Niner Shops!

Rosa Rivera, Fred Neely Scholarship recipient—Warehouse

Lizeth Mojarro—Pete’s Fresco Grille

Emily Purdy—UDP Starbucks

Briana Alcaraz—Textbook Office

Kelie Lam—Parkside Dining Hall

Alissa Baldon—Beach Walk Café

Nicole Wilson—Beachside Dining Hall

Noah Resto—Beachside Dining Hall

Kristina Vergara—Frontline

Yibin “Bing” Zhang—Communications

Alejandra Hernandez—Frontline/Corporate Receptionist

Jamie Ortiz—Communications

Korinne Silas—Campus Copy Center