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California State University, Long Beach
Congratulations to our 2012 Bravo Karat Award Winners!
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Congratulations to our 2012 Bravo Karat Award Winners!

Post Date: August 15, 2012

Every year, the Human Resources Staff goes through hundreds of Bravo Awards written throughout the academic year. As the Bravos are tallied, names rise to the top for not only receiving them, but also for awarding their coworkers. Congratulations to the 2012 recipients!

For more information on the Bravo Award program, please contact Human Resources.

Last Name First Name Dept Supervisor Award
Cabasal Jhun-Jhun 316 Chris Ramirez Bronze
Calderon Katherine 414 Sofia Alonzo Bronze
Callejas Joaquin 311 Brian Fetterman Bronze
Camba Victor 321 Patrick Joyce Bronze
Chung Casey 311 Brian / Ovalles, Enrico Bronze
Claussen Michelle 202 Marylou Cajucom Bronze
Collins Annie 412 Rebecca Drouin Bronze
Cook Edward  326 Kristin Bonetati Bronze
Deleon Marlon 207 Rosa Hernandez Bronze
Drouin Becky 412 Melissa Devan Bronze
Ellis Owen 301 Chris Ramirez Bronze
Hong Jessica 414 Sofia Alonzo Bronze


Jeanelle 307 Chris Tabellario Bronze
Kang Nancy 313 Patrick Joyce Bronze
Kasik Tori 418 Margie Ramirez Bronze
Man Lena 413 Victor Sevillano Bronze
Manrique Michelle 301 Chris Ramirez Bronze
Maza Teresa 411 Melissa Devan Bronze
McDonald Caylen 405 Erica Miller Bronze
Nagtalon Edgar 204 Majid Zahedi Bronze
Navarra Osbey Stephanie 314 Chris Tabellario Bronze
Rios Bonnie 322 Patrick Joyce Bronze
Rivera Sandy 301 Chris Ramirez Bronze
Rodriquez-Torres Ambrocio 412 Rebecca Drouin Bronze
Sanchez Carmen 315 Kristin Bonetati Bronze
Sandoval Jose 317 Steve Zimmerle Bronze
Sharber Briana 405 Erica Miller Bronze
Slater Alprentice 408 Victor Sevillano Bronze
Smith Amber  307 Chrs Tabellario Bronze
Vo Huy 311 Brian Fetterman Bronze
Vu Michelle 316 Chris Ramirez Bronze
Zhang Yibin 206 Marianne Winters Bronze
Bonetati Kristin 315 Fred Neely Diamond
Ramirez Margie 418 Melissa Devan Diamond
Alvarado Edgar 204 Majid Zahedi Gold
Bourke Arthur 450 Nouman Khawaja Gold
Eisenmann Jason 306 Cyndi Farrington Gold
Ferracioli Sylvia 305 Fred Neely Gold
Gutierrez Antonio 444 Jenny Lew Gold
Terrazas Ignacio 411 Melissa Devan Gold
Duran Martin 433 Manuel Gil Gold


Nicole 203 Alma Smith Silver
Chu Jeffrey 433 Manuel Gil Silver
del Real Angel 301 Chris Ramirez Silver


Chinarain 203 Alma Smith Silver
Lara Jose 450 Nouman Khawaja Silver
Lopez Liliana 315 Kristin Bonetati Silver
Mark Jessica 326 Kristin Bonetati Silver
McKinnon Michelle 315 Kristin Bonetati Silver
Parda Kriska 314 Chris Tabellario Silver
Quan Yale 317 Steve Zimmerle Silver
Rincon Emily 418 Margie Ramirez Silver
Rodriguez Cesar 444 Jenny Lew Silver
Welty Linda 201 Don Penrod Silver