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California State University, Long Beach
Calculations in balance
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Calculations in balance

Post Date: August 15, 2012

By Marlon D. Deleon, Communications Dept

The left side of the brain facilitates the analyst, the strategist and the mathematician in a person. This side favors order, categorization and science. The right side of the brain orchestrates the free spirit, the artist and the musician. This side loves passion, creativity and movement. Although we use both sides, people tend to naturally favor one side, usually driven by their occupations. The child who loves math and science may dream of becoming an engineer. The toddler who paints with their food and grows up drawing on the walls with whatever they can find could become one of the greatest muralists of their generation. One of the best things about getting to know your co-workers is learning about their lives outside of work and realizing the array of diverse talents and interests among the employees in an organization.

In 2007, Ali Hamidian officially became the Forty-Niner Shops’ Webmaster, but he had already been working with web-related items since 1997 when he was the Technology Coordinator. In 1990 he transitioned from student employee to full-time Apple Certified Technician. In addition to his tech duties, he shared that he was “also the liaison between the campus departments, faculty, staff, CSUDH, and the Chancellor’s office for tech support, computer and laser printer repairs, consulting, and quotes for their computer purchases.” Needless to say, he was quite the busy person, wholly immersed in technology, not just for the Shops, but for the university as a whole. In 1994, and again in 2001, Ali was a recipient of the Staff Applause award in recognition of his notable contributions to the campus. From 2001-2003, he served as the Technical Designer and Project Lead for CSULB’s first live webcast and simulcast of Commencement ceremonies. The list of achievements in technical support for the Forty-Niner Shops and CSULB continues on, but he has also contributed directly to students’ education as a CSULB delegate for the CSU’s statewide Annual Student Research Competition and as Part-Time Faculty of the Mathematics and Statistics Department.

Away from the formulas, servers and monitors, Ali has a few other interests that keep him well-balanced. A self-proclaimed audiophile, he loves the opera and classical music (which is known to stimulate areas of the brain needed in math and science), and this could be connected to his being so well-traveled. Having visited most of Western Europe (where classical music is a cultural and historical staple), some of Eastern Europe, and Asia, having a broader world view increases the capacity for creativity. As Shakespeare wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on,” and Ali feasts on more than the fine arts when he’s off the clock, embracing the arts in the kitchen—cooking for his own enjoyment—which undoubtedly benefits him mentally as much as it does physically. Not to leave the physical side out of the picture, he has developed into quite a competitor at an activity than many don’t even realize is world-wide sport—table tennis. When you think of it as a miniaturized, hyper-speed version of tennis, the competitive level of this sport requires fast reflexes and even faster decision making. The top 100 players in the world hold a ranking of 1900-3000 in the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), and Ali proudly stands beside his ITTF comparable ranking of 1650. Learning this, it almost sounds as if he can operate faster than some of the computers he worked with when he started with the Shops as a cashier.

Robert de Wit, Controller, said, “Although Ali’s primary role is being Webmaster, we often look to him for special projects given his unique talents. He’s considered to be a jack-of-all-trades as he has been instrumental in developing system data bases, providing survey/statistical analysis, email support, and is the go-to-guy for process development and support.” Ali has been a cornerstone of web-based, technological support for the Forty-Niner Shops and Cal State Long Beach, and with as much as he tackles outside of the office as well, it’s safe to say that this well-rounded gentleman is an ace with a smashing arsenal of skills.