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California State University, Long Beach
Key ingredients to success
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Key ingredients to success

Post Date: August 15, 2012

By Marlon D. Deleon, Communications Dept.

A recipe for customer service can be created in many ways, with countless actions, behaviors and practices that can be included. Some state that the most important ingredient in exemplary customer service is a relationship. No matter how long or short an interaction is, whether it’s a cashier taking your order, a realtor selling you a house, or a hairstylist getting you ready for the weekend, good service becomes great service with a genuine, pleasant connection and attention to the customer’s needs.

Becky Drouin knows quite a bit about customer service, but she doesn’t have to tell you that—she shows you. For a little over a year now, Becky has been the manager for the Chartroom and Beach Catering, but don’t think for a minute that she’s new to this, or the university community. Before joining the Forty-Niner Shops’ Dining Services team, she was the Director of Catering for Choura Events in Long Beach, working with venues such as the Carpenter Center, the Pyramid and the Japanese Gardens. Catering obviously requires foodservice experience, but with all the travel, simultaneous events, and additional administrative/clerical duties necessary in a mobile service, the responsibilities are multiplied. However, like a true professional, she shares, “I really enjoy the campus relationships that I have made working for [the Shops] and Choura Events. I have the wonderful opportunity to provide catering for President Alexander, Vice President [and Shops Board Member] Doug Robinson, the Provost Office and the Deans’ Offices.” It is often said that if you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life, and although the phenomenal growth of Beach Catering and the recent success of the Chartroom has multiplied her workload, she still finds joy in her work.

In addition to Beach Catering, Becky is also in charge of the Chartroom, arguably the most unique (and misunderstood) dining establishment on campus. This fine-dining, buffet-style venue is open for lunch during the week for students, staff, faculty, and guests. Many have shared that they thought the Chartroom was a faculty lounge-type establishment, but Becky says she has “also met many wonderful students who dine in the Chartroom,” so it’s obvious that the word on this delicious eatery has started to spread. Once you dine at the Chartroom, it’s hard to say if it’s the food or Becky herself that keeps people coming back. Melissa Devan, Director of Dining Services, was more than happy to share a few words about Becky, “She goes above and beyond not only for her guests but her employees as well. Her smile and laughter are contagious, [touching] everyone she comes into contact with—she is the face of the Chartroom.” A smile, never-ending professionalism, and personal attention to her customers and staff make this location one of the most comforting and satisfying dining units on campus.

As a recent recipient of a Bronze Bravo Karat Award, her exemplary service has been noticed in the short time she has been with the Shops, and coming from someone who has been married for over 35 years, she knows a bit about lasting relationships—the key ingredient in her continued success.