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California State University, Long Beach
College isn’t just about academics
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College isn’t just about academics

Post Date: July 23, 2012


Rgie (ar-jee) Tandoc stops for a photo on a ten mile hike.

By Marlon D. Deleon, Communications Dept

President Alexander shares with incoming students the belief that, if you come to campus only for your classes and head home immediately afterwards, you are depriving yourself of the full college experience. The CSULB community is just that—a community—and some students take advantage of it more than others. In the summer of 2010, before the start of his senior year, Rgie Tandoc (first name pronounced “ar-jee” and not “Reggie”) was hired by the Forty-Niner Shops. After some time in the warehouse, he landed in Book Information and found stability as a student employee. In learning more about Rgie, it is discovered that his employment with the Shops is stacked on top of an already full schedule. Since 2006, he has been a member of the Pilipino American Coalition (PAC), also serving as Secretary (’09-’10) and as a performer for the Annual Pilipino Cultural Night (’09-’11). He is also a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, an international, co-ed, community service-based fraternity.

Job on campus, check. Cultural association, check. Campus and community social activism, check. The college experience is filling up. He also found time for his classes in a dual-major program, leading to Bachelor’s degrees in English Education and Creative Writing in Spring of 2011. That very next Fall semester he started the Single Subject Credential Program (emphasis in English) and stayed in Book Info. In his “free time” he enjoys playing video games, hiking, and playing with dogs. His love for dogs led to the adoption of Tommy, a half-corgi, half-sheltie mix he found in a shelter in 2007.

Rgie’s academic performance earned commendation on the Dean’s List, and helped him become one of the awardees for the 49er Shops Textbook Scholarship this year. His campus success in and out of the classroom is inspiring, but he’s managed to squeeze even more education out of his employment with the Shops. He shares, “The 49er Shops have given me opportunities such as experience with customer service and gaining some leadership skills,” referring to his opportunity to train incoming Book Info student employees.

Some say there aren’t enough hours in day. Others spend less time complaining and more time taking advantage of the time they have. Rgie enjoys his job already, but his “co-workers have definitely made [him] enjoy [his] job even better.” President Alexander may never hear the full extent of how students like Rgie tackle the full college experience, but it’s not about him, it’s about the students; and we’re glad students like Rgie are part of our Shops family.