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California State University, Long Beach
Economics Newsletter
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MAGL Program Updates

As most of you know, the MAGL program is in its ninth year. It has evolved considerably over time and now involves faculty from the Departments of Information Systems, Computer Engineering and Computer Science, as well as Economics. The number of economics faculty participating in the program is at an all-time high, and we would not be able to offer the program without the contributions of professors Joe Magaddino, Chen Ng, Seiji Steimetz, Steve Yamarik and Guy Yamashiro.

Our MAGL students continue to gain recognition. This year, Mathew Stramer, David Sung and Christine Tamayo were awarded CSULB's Outstanding Graduate Researchers honors at the University Awards ceremony in May 2010  (MAGL Students Win CSULB Outstanding Graduate Researchers Award).

During the 2010 calendar year, MAGL students were awarded over $35,000 in scholarships. Two students received $2,500 scholarships from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals: Ebony Loeb (cohort 8) and Ella Caillouette (cohort 9). Three students received $3,500 scholarships from the Los Angeles Transportation Club: Ebony Loeb and Elizabeth Ng (cohort 8) and David Sun (cohort 9). Four students received $5,000 scholarships from the Port of Long Beach: Felipe Sinohui and Mathew Stramer (cohort 7) and Lauren Roslanowick and Ebony Loeb (cohort 8). All scholarships will be awarded to the students upon completion of the degree requirements. Another student in cohort 7, Claudia Lopez, received a scholarship from the Harbor Transportation Club.

Nine students graduated in May 2010. Our Outstanding Graduate Student for Cohort 7 is Felipe Sinohui, who is profiled in the newsletter. A requirement for graduation from the program is successful completion of a capstone topic. The titles of the capstones are indicated below. In addition, we keep copies of the capstones in the department, and the abstracts are available on the program website ( The Outstanding Capstone winner for Cohort 7 is Querube Lopez.

As we move to the 10-year celebration of the MAGL, we are working to expand the program. We have created a new program, MAGL Accelerated Program, targeted to international students as well as those who lack work experience in the field. This program will begin in fall 2011 and includes a 33-unit program that offers students a three-unit internship during the summer, where they are placed with a local firm and complete a research project. We are very excited about this program’s potential. Like the current program, the MAGL Accelerated Program will be offered through the College of Continuing and Professional Education, which allows a flexible program schedule. We are pleased that Department of Economics professor Jack Hou will be working with us as the coordinator of international recruitment and Thomas O'Brien (Center for International Trade and Transportation) will be serving as internship coordinator for this program. If you think your firm would be interested in providing a 15-week, research-work experience for a student in the MAGL Accelerated Program, please contact me ( or Thomas O'Brien (  For additional information about the program, visit the website at  

We are also restructuring the existing program. While interest in MAGL is high, enrollments are relatively flat, due in part to the requirement that students attend classes two evenings per week. To provide a more flexible format for working professionals, we are in the process of restructuring the program to offer instruction both in-person and online. The new program, the MAGL Hybrid, will be rolled out in fall 2012. Our goal is to maintain the quality curriculum of the original program, so we have asked Chen Ng to serve as hybrid coordinator. She will work with the MAGL faculty and the technology team at CCPE to ensure that the transition goes smoothly.  

In sum, there are a lot of changes underway, with two new programs starting over the next two years. The faculty, alumni and current students are integral to the success of the new programs, and we appreciate their support during the transition. 


Kristen Monaco

Wade Martin
Associate Director



Capstone Titles for Cohort 7 Students

Caroline Braatvedt: “Cost Benefit Analysis of the High Speed Train Project for California: Merced to Fresno Segment”

Neal Ekstrand: “The Illusive TEU and the Importance of Vessel-by-Vessel Profit Maximization: An Ocean Carrier’s Perspective”

Claudia Lopez: “The Impact of the ‘10+2’ on U.S. Imports of Apparel from China” 

Querube Lopez: “A Comparative Analysis of Aggregate Commodity Trade Flows in Latin America as a Function of Openness to Trade, Infrastructure and Political Efficiency”

James Shaughnessy: “An Application of Discrete Event Simulation Modeling”

Felipe Sinohui: “The Cost of Outsourcing the Wrong Project”

Kymbal Smith: “Benefit Cost Analysis of Young’s Market Company: 3PL vs. Private Fleet”

Mathew Stramer: “Optimization of a Make/Buy Decision in a Delivery Network Using Linear Programming; a Set Covering Model in an MS Excel Environment” 

Maria Christina Tamayo: “The Impacts of Macroeconomic Factors in the For-hire Sectors of the Motor Carrier Industry: Modeling the Effects on LTL and TL Performance” 

Alumni Updates


Scott Huntress is now vice president of the Automotive Division at AllTrade Tools, LLC.

Diana Rizo-Vasquez continues to work as chief inventory analyst with the Los Angeles Unified School District and welcomed a new addition to the family, Paul Sebastian Vasquez, in April 2010.

Gareth Osborn and his wife welcomed their first child, Darcy Ann Osborn, on July 8. July was a busy month for Gareth as he also started a new job as a project manager with Nestle DSD (Direct Store Distribution) in their Go-To-Market team, working on the integration of the Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream and Nestle Pizza Divisions into a single $4 billion entity.

Fran Thompson accepted an early retirement offer from FedEx in 2003 and became, in her words, an "unemployed" graduate-retiree. By using a network of friends from her undergraduate days, she accepted a limited term assignment at UCLA in the travel department, subsequently becoming the public records coordinator at UCLA, a position she has held for the past four years.


Jennifer Yasukochi remains with Meiko Americas in their Seattle, Wash., office and married Ken Miyano in September 2010.

Kimberly Bryan is now general manager at Owens-Minor Distribution.


June Thai-Lazaro won the 2008 Toshiba PC Company Innovation Award, Company President Excellence Award. 


Paul Merrit has transferred to Washington, D.C. He and his wife are anticipating the birth of their second child.


Murat Koksel has relocated to New Jersey and is now managing the East Coast and Gulf Marine Operations for Hamburg Sud.