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California State University, Long Beach
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TJ Robinson

TJ Robinson

Name: T. J. Robinson
Age: 22
High School: Kolbe Cathedral High School
Hometown: West Haven, Connecticut

Quote: "I will not lose even in defeat, there's a valuable lesson learned, so it evens up for me"

Jane Doe and Friends

Jane Doe and Friends

Jane Doe and Friends


Grad Year: Spring 2012
Major/Minor: Communication Studies


Favorite Classes: COMM 309 (Language and Behavior)
Favorite Professors: Tim Plax
Spots on Campus: Pyramid
Clubs and/or Activities: Men's Basketball, video games, joking with friends

My Beach Experience:

As a member of the Men's Basketball team, a big part of my Beach experience is playing a lot of top ranked teams every year, getting exposure for my skills and abilities, and traveling with my team. In attending Cal State Long Beach, I learned a lot on and off the court like how to be a better teammate, but most of all how to be a better person. Coach Monson always tries to instill in us that if you have a good attitude and put forth effort that it can take you a long way.

Getting to CSULB:

I chose to attend CSULB because of the Pyramid, weather, and Coach Monson. I wanted the chance to work with Coach Monson because I believe that his is a great coach and knows what he is doing in the court. Also, Long Beach State has a beautiful campus and is one of the best academic schools in the nation. It also has a diverse community filled with different races and cultures of people that attracted me to this University.

Taking the Opportunities:

Attending CSULB has given me the opportunity to get a degree in communication studies, take my athletic abilities to the next level, and to better my life for the future.

My Beach Beyond The Beach:

After graduating, I plan to play basketball in the NBA or overseas for a while and eventually find a good job in the public relations and communications sector where I could utilize my degree. Although I would have graduated from CSULB, I plan to continue my connection with the Beach through keeping in touch with the athletic department and my teammates.

— TJ Robinson