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California State University, Long Beach
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Taylor Jerri

Taylor Jerri

Quote: “It would be wrong to do nothing, just because we can only do a little.”
Name: Taylor Jerri
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Location: Fresno, CA

Taylor and Friend
Taylor Sign
Taylor and Friends

Year: Class of 2008
Major: Philosophy , Psychology
Groups: Psychology Student Association, College of Liberal Arts Council


Favorite Classes: Philosophy of Law / Everything Psychology
Favorite Professors: Dr. Julie Van Camp, Dr. Kathleen Lacey, Dr. Courtney Ahrens
Favorite Spot on Campus: Psychology Quad

Taylor's Schools

High School: Bullard High School –Fresno, CA

My Beach Experience

My name is Taylor Jerri and this is My Beach Experience…

My Beach Experience has been about realizing my dreams.  I have had the most incredible four years at this university.  From the moment I first saw the gorgeous campus to the day I moved into J Building at Parkside, I knew that CSULB was my university of choice. 

Getting to CSULB

As a high school senior searching for the next step, I was looking for a university with great opportunity and a chance to achieve my dreams.  The academics at CSULB were among the nation’s best and the President’s Scholars program afforded me the opportunity to study at this prestigious university without going into debt!  Visiting the campus only affirmed my decision to come to The Beach. It’s hard to explain, but I just got a good vibe from it.

Realizing my Dreams

Before ever setting foot on campus, I had a pretty good idea what "I wanted to be when I grew up.”  From the time I memorized the preamble to the constitution, I have wanted to practice law.  Sometimes you find that things turn out differently than you imagined, but one class in particular made me sure that a future in law was for me.  My philosophy of law class, lead by Dr. Julie Van Camp, sealed the deal.  I enjoyed the class so much, I picked Dr. Van Camp as my advisor for the university honors program. I can’t begin to explain all the help she gave me, from letters of recommendation to general advice about academics and life.

My Beach Beyond The Beach

Eventually, I would like to go to law school and work in international human rights.  However, I still feel pretty young and think that taking a couple years off to get some “real world” experience would be beneficial too.  Next year I will hopefully be working in a low income school for Teach for America, or in the Peace Corps, doing public health community development in a third world country.

Whatever I do, I know that I am prepared, because my education and degree from the Beach has given me the skills and tools to be successful.

-- Taylor Jerri '08