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California State University, Long Beach
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Ruth D. Molina


Name: Ruth D. Molina
Grad Term: Spring 2014
Hometowns: Ahuachapan, El Salvador and Los Angeles
High Schools: Los Angeles Senior High School
Age: 41
Major: FCSE Child Development





My Beach Experience:

My name is Ruth D. Molina and this is mybeach Experience:

CSULB has been my second home. My experience at CSULB is and will always be an unforgettable one.

My Path to CSULB:

My path to CSULB had its challenges. My family and I came to the USA fleeing a Civil War.  I learned a new language and received an American education, in which I became involved in student government, played volleyball and other sports, and participated in programs like USC Upward Bound.  I will soon graduate from CSULB, I have an AA degree from LACC and am an ASO certified student leader, which allows be to travel around the USA. I also have a Medical Assistant Diploma, am involved in community service at Los Angeles Kids in Sports, and am involved in countless other organizations that advocate education.

I was accepted in 1990 and started in the spring of 1991. CSULB was a new place for me and was a place in which I had fallen in love with for its diversity, but my personal life let me astray and I did not do so well at CSULB. Since my grades had fallen, I decided to leave and enrolled myself in classes at Los Angeles City College. A couple of semesters later I became a mother and had to work full time to support my beautiful little girl, while still attending school at night. Two years later, I had my second child and felt so blessed to have my children, Vanessa and Glenn Oscar in my life. I reapplied to CSULB and I was given another opportunity until my grades from the 1990’s caught up with me and I was put in academic probation. I had to leave CSULB again, but I never gave up and a year later I reapplied and Dr. Tuveson and Dr. Falberg helped me get back to CSULB. My path was a rough one, but I never gave up hope in graduating from the school I had fallen in love with in the 1990’s. “We should never forget that success always begins with an opportunity.” -Chris Harris, Jr

I seized my moment at CSULB and took every opportunity that it gave me and now the time has come to Graduate.. Now, I will be the first of my family to graduate from a 4 year University, and my daughter will be leaving home soon to go to a 4 year university as well.  “Gracias Mami, Papa, Familia, y todos que crelleron en mi.”


My Beach and Beyond:

Life after CSULB is to continue supporting education, child advocacy, and community involvement. : I plan on pursuing graduate studies after graduation and would love to work for the United Nations. I will also make sure that my children pursue higher education, that I make time with my family, and to always give back to those in need.


Favorite Professor: Janice Falberg, Dr. Tuveson and Nilufer Medora.

Favorite Class:
My favorite class is CDFS 413. The Professor is Unique and Fun

Favorite Spot on Campus: In Front of the FCSE Building (the Open Space) and the Library (children’s area).

Activities and Organizations: Los Angeles Kids In Sports/ President for 6 years (community service based), AFT Union, and community advocate.

- Ruth D. Molina
Go Beach!