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California State University, Long Beach
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Manny McElroy

Taylor Jerri

Quote: “There is one quote that has stood by me since the beginning of my high school career.  This saying is my driving force, that I constantly turn to for strength and support…and to this day I have it stated under the brim of my baseball cap":

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”  PHIL 4:13

Name: Manny McElroy
Age: 22
Hometown: Reno, NV

Manny McElroy and Friends
Manny McElroy and Friends
Manny McElroy and Friends

Year: Class of 2009
Major: Criminal Justice
Groups: The Long Beach State Dirtbags Baseball Team; and the Student Athlete Advisory Council “SAAC”


Favorite Classes: Statistics
Favorite Professors: Dr. Brenda Vogel
Favorite Spot on Campus: The baseball field!


Community College: Bakersfield Community College – Bakersfield, CA
High School: Bishop Manogue High School Class of 2004 – Reno, Nevada

My Beach Experience

M y name is Manny McElroy and this is myBeach Experience...

My Beach Experience has been about establishing a second home here at CSULB.  Never did I think that I would be where I am now…nor have the amazing friends that surround me on a daily basis!  One of the best things about CSULB is the diversity, and I can honestly say that getting the chance to meet so many different people has allowed me to establish life-long friendships that will continue to grow past graduation.  While Reno will always be my home…The Beach comes in a not so far second.

Getting to CSULB

If you would have told me back in high school that I would one day be attending CSULB, and playing baseball, I would not have believed you!  After playing baseball over at Bakersfield Community College, I was offered a scholarship to play baseball here at CSULB for the Dirtbags!  I knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime, and declined all other university offers and chose to accept my position here at Long Beach State!  Not only did the baseball team have a great rep, but the academic experience I would receive in conjunction was a package deal I could not refuse.

Taking the Opportunities

I am not ashamed to admit that the athlete I am today is not the athlete that I was growing up back in Nevada.  In those days I was not big enough…I was not strong enough…and to be honest with you...I got cut from the baseball team!  With that being said…I never gave up!  This criticism and defeat only made me stronger, and gave me the determination to prove everyone wrong.  Growing up, I always followed in my brother’s footsteps, and I knew at some point that I would need to pull myself out and make a name for myself.  After graduating from Manogue, I got a call from a good buddy over at Bakersfield CC, who wanted me to check-out the college’s baseball team who was looking to recruit a pitcher.  After getting the call, I drove six hours to meet with the coach.  The good news was that I made the team as their right-hand pitcher…the bad news was the fact that my living arrangements fell-through!  Of course my mom was not thrilled, and begged me to come home, but I took a leap of faith by following my goals even with no set place to live.  It is because of this that I know that everything in life happens for a reason.  If I had never taken the call from my buddy…or suffered through the hardships that were to come those first weeks of school…I would never be here…and at this point I could not imagine myself anywhere else.  Fate works in funny ways, and I have learned that if you take advantage of the opportunities that life is handing you, and powering through the difficult times…good things will come…and I truly believe that CSULB was that good thing.

My Beach Beyond the Beach

My plan after The Beach is to continue playing baseball as long as life permits me, and to eventually pick a career that pays well (just being honest)!  I had an opportunity that came up just recently back home in Nevada to work in Judicial Services, however I knew that it was not my time to give up baseball just yet.  I am truly looking forward to starting my life, however no matter where life takes me I know that I will continue to support The Beach!  I have no plans of becoming a stranger, and know that I will continue to build upon all of the great relationships I have built here with the faculty, staff, and coaches.  While I am a player today, I know that I will be a fan for life…not only of the Long Beach State Dirtbags…but of CSULB as a whole!

I am grateful that I have this chance to represent the senior class through the myBeach program.  I encourage each of you to show your support and appreciation for The Beach by joining the Alumni Association and contributing to the Beach Fund…I know that I will!

“Classe de 2009, parabéns pela sua realizações, boa sorte com seus futuros empreendimentos, e GO PRAIA!”

--Manny McElroy, ‘09