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California State University, Long Beach
Alumni Association

Lara May

Lara May
22 years old
Long Beach, California United States
Lara May
Year: Graduating Senior
Major: Recreation and Leisure Studies
Groups: Recreation Society
Class: Facilitating Leisure
Professor: Dr. Susan Mathieu
Spot on Campus: 1st Floor of the USU
Lara May's Schools
St. Joseph High School
Lakewood, CA
Graduated: 2002

My Beach Experience

My name is Lara May and this is MY BEACH... My Beach Experience here at California State University, Long Beach has been great. I will always remember the classes I took and the friends and professors I met. Many of my best friends and professors came from the Recreational Studies Program. I was also involved with Rec Society, as fundraising chair, where we organized many fun events. My favorite professor is Dr. Susan Mathieu, who teaches many rec and leisure courses. She made class like a therapy sessions because of her soothing voice.

She is cool, because she is enthusiastic, always willing to help, and has the best fieldtrips. We toured the Carnival Cruise Ship, the Ritz Carlton, and the California Disney Hotel. In between classes, I enjoyed sitting poolside or watching Oprah and MTV's Meet the Parents on the big screen.

Ultimately, CSULB is a stepping stone to build my future. It is a priceless opportunity, only offered at the Beach. CSULB is one of the only universities to offer my major AND it's one of the most affordable universities in the nation.

My Last Few Months

I can’t believe graduation is just a few months away.  It’s stressful, exciting, scary, happy and sad all at the same time.

I’m trying to prepare for finals, but I still have to arrange for graduation.  My family is asking me what I plan to do now, but I haven’t figured it out yet.  It’s a confusing time.

It’s good because I feel like I’ve accomplished so much, but it’s stressful to think of life in the real world.  In the end, I can’t wait...

My Beach Beyond the Beach

I support THE BEACH!  I have contributed to the Senior Class Giving Fund so that I can give something back to the university that has already given me so much.  In doing so, I can graduate knowing that I am helping future students gain the same Beach Experience I have been granted, before moving onto the next stage of my life.  In the future, I hope to continue My Beach Experience as an alumna.

While graduation will end my time on campus as an undergrad, My Beach Experience will last a lifetime through memories, experiences, and relationships.  I wish everyone luck and I hope to keep in touch with my friends, teachers, and the university.  Go Beach!