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California State University, Long Beach
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Gina Forrest

Gina Forrest

Name: Gina Forrest
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Gina Sitting
Gina Guitar Hero
Gina and Friends

Year: Class of 2008
Major: Women's Studies
Minor: Journalism


Favorite Class: Women in Contemporary Society
Favorite Professor: Too Many to List!!!
Favorite Spot on Campus: Grassy Area behind KKJZ

Gina's Schools

High School: St. Mary's Academy Class of 2003 – Inglewood, CA

My Beach Experience

My name is Gina Forrest and this is My Beach Experience…

My Beach Experience has been about exploring new horizons.  In high school, I didn’t think I was interested in attending a large university.  But, I heard through teachers that in addition to being a public value school, CSULB had a great Journalism program (and it was really close to home!).  Arriving as a freshman, I fully expected Journalism to be my major for the next four years.

After my first few months, I grew to love CSULB for many reasons I hadn’t initially expected.  Outside of the journalism program, the unique students, interesting classes, and very diverse campus offerings really captivated my attention.  In particular, I became interested in the Women’s Studies program.

My Awakening

The Women’s Studies program at CSULB has opened my eyes to many important issues that I had previously only thought about passively.  Because of this, I have become more outspoken on important social inequities caused by racism, sexism, and classism.

The diverse campus offerings here at CSULB make it a University of Choice and have provided me the perfect opportunity for class room discussions with students of different backgrounds and distinct perspectives.  Many of these inspiring conversations took place in one of my favorite classes, Women in Contemporary Society, taught by Dr. Shira Tarrant.

As the Class of 2008 approaches our final semester at The Beach, this is an important time to reflect on great classes, lasting memories, and all the little things that make up the Beach Experience.  Whether it was my thought provoking major or just relaxing in the grassy area behind the KKJZ radio station, I feel like CSULB provided me a unique opportunity that will last a lifetime.

My Beach Beyond The Beach

Once final exams are finally over this spring, I really have no plans for after graduation.  Scary, I know, but I think that it could be a good thing.  Even with no definite career goal in mind, I have the tools I need in order to become successful in anything I decide to pursue.  I know that my Beach Experience has prepared me well for life after CSULB.

-- Gina Forrest '08