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California State University, Long Beach
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Erin Swetland

Taylor Jerri

Erin Swetland
Erin Swetland
Erin Swetland and friends

Year: Class of 2009
Major: Communication; Minor: Entrepreneurship
Groups: ASI, Leadership Academy, The Navigators


Favorite Classes: Communication Theory and Intro to Marketing
Favorite Professors: Dr. Tim Plax and Dr. Gufrey
Favorite Spot on Campus: The University Student Union

Erin's Schools

High School: Desert Christian High School, Lancaster, CA

My Beach Experience

My name is Erin Swetland and this is My Beach Experience…

My Beach Experience is about stepping into service, learning from incredible mentors around me and growing into a stronger and better leader because of all the opportunities provided here at The Beach.

Getting to CSULB

I am from the beautiful desert of the Antelope Valley. I know there are several students that have come from Lancaster and Palmdale throughout the years. CSULB is a sought-out college destination. Coming from such a small high school of about 400 students to a school of 37,000, I was really overwhelmed by the amount of students walking around – it felt like walking through Disneyland making my way from class to class. However, I quickly jumped into campus life and felt right at home in no time.

Realizing my Dreams

Over the 3 years of my college experience so far, I gained a lot of confidence and awareness of myself and of the world around me. In those years, I have seen such world events as the Tsunami, Katrina, the War, political issues, threats of terrorism, the Olympics, the presidential race and so much more. My most meaningful college experience was the opportunity to speak about volunteerism in China just before the Beijing Olympics and visit with victims of recent Sichwan earthquake. During my sophomore and junior years, I took an opportunity to hold a position as an ASI senator. From there, I decided to run a campaign for ASI President and am currently serving in this position and working on such projects as the U-Pass, The Beach Front e-mail newsletter, and Raise Your Voice voter registration. I don’t have big political aspirations, I just wanted to serve the student body of CSULB and be involved.

My Beach Beyond The Beach

I definitely feel that CSULB has prepared me academically towards my future goals. I am a communications studies major and entrepreneurship minor. I hope to work in a large media corporation or non-profit in PR or marketing, or maybe start my own business! I loved my Communication classes and feel prepared and confident to make a real impact on those around me. I am so thankful for all my mentors here at The Beach and hope to follow in their footsteps and be a mentor to others where ever I go. I have made many lifelong friendships and Cal State Long Beach will always hold a special place in my heart. Go Beach!

~ Erin Swetland, Senior ’09