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California State University, Long Beach
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Ed Martell

Ed Martell

Quote: “Giving up is harder than trying.”
Name: Ed Martell
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Location: Richmond, CA

Ed Martell and friends
Ed Martell in front of Brotman Hall
Ed Martell and group of friends

Year: Class of 2008
Major: Interpersonal and Organizational Communication
Groups: Student Communication Association, Speech and Debate


Favorite Class: Introduction to Organizational Communications
Favorite Professor: Dr Kirran Moss
Favorite Spot on Campus: University Student Union

Ed's Schools

High School: De Anza High School Class of 2002 – Richmond, CA
College:  Contra Costa College – Richmond, CA

My Beach Experience

My name is Ed Martell and this is My Beach Experience…

My Beach Experience has been about building for a great future.  After spending 2 ½ years at Contra Costa College in Richmond, CA, I was attracted to California State University – Long Beach by the strong communications program and the speech and debate team, which ranked in the top 15 nationally.  What I discovered when I arrived was that the University had much more to offer than what I anticipated.

Going from a school of only 8,000 to CSULB, where more than 35,000 students attend, I was impressed by the diverse course offerings within my major.  Classes like Advanced Concepts in Interpersonal Communication and Communication in Conflict Resolution taught me how to deal with real world situations and gave me the tools to be successful after graduation.

Along with interesting classes, I felt it was the professors at CSULB that really made it my University of Choice.  In particular, Dr. Kirran Moss, really seemed to care about her students and was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we could be successful in class and also in life.  Even at such a large university, Dr. Moss was able to give me the individual attention and support I needed to succeed.

My Last Year at The Beach

In my last year as a CSULB student, I plan to take full advantage of everything that the University has to offer.  One resource I’ve found very helpful has been the Hauth Center for Communication, where students are able to study their non verbal communication skills.  I was able to use video tape to study my body language and address negative habits for class presentations and daily interactions.

Thinking ahead to finals (even though I’m trying NOT to think about finals), I anticipate that I will practically be living in the newly renovated library and the Horn Center computer lab.  Hopefully, I’ll have time to step away from the books this year and relax in the USU building to shoot some pool between classes.

I also look forward to talking with alumni where I work, at the Beach Fund.  I’ve been fortunate to speak with many graduates about their experiences at the University, life after graduation, and what it means to be CSULB alumni.  What I’ve discovered is that the Beach Experience doesn’t have to end at commencement.

My Beach Beyond The Beach

While I will always miss being on campus, I know from talking to hundreds of successful alumni that there is a bright future ahead for the class of 2008.  One common piece of advice I get is to stay in touch with the university and continue the Beach Experience even after graduation.

Whether it be joining the Alumni Association or contributing to the Beach Fund each year, there are countless ways to show appreciation for a University that has given each of us such a great opportunity to succeed. 

I currently support the Beach and I encourage the Class of 2008 to join me by contributing to the Senior Class Giving Program to show our appreciation for the Beach Experience. Good luck this year, and Go Beach!

-- Ed Martell '07