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California State University, Long Beach
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Cory Carrasco


Name: Cory Carrasco
Grad Term: Spring 2014
Hometowns: Manhattan, Illinois
High Schools: Lincoln-Way Central High School
Age: 20
Major: Communication Studies







My Beach Experience:

My name is Cory Carrasco and this is myBeach Experience:

CSULB has been my home for the past three years, and I could not imagine being anywhere else. I have made the most amazing friends during my time here. When I first came to campus, I stayed in the dorms in Parkside J Building. Dorm living was an incredible experience, building a friendship with a random stranger and also creating new friendships in a completely new state. Throughout my time here, I have learned so much about what family and friends mean, especially being so far away from my home and family in Illinois. Eventually I rushed a fraternity and met some of the most incredible people I know. Friendship, leadership, courage, and love are the most important lessons I have learned from college.


My Path to CSULB:

When it came to selecting a university, Long Beach was not exactly what I had in mind. The tough decision to make about the school was whether I wanted to move 2,000 miles away, or stay close to home. Eventually I decided I needed to make that great leap.
The work I put in during high school helped me get to CSULB. I was a part of many distinct organizations including athletics, theater, and honorary societies. I can tell every single person who feels that they cannot make it, that it is necessary to put in the extra work in order to see the outcome you want.


My Beach and Beyond:

I am currently interning at a couple different companies involved in event marketing and public relations. I am looking to find a position in one of those areas for a career. I am planning on staying out here for the rest of my life, but I know not everything can be planned. I look forward to what the future holds for me and my career!




Favorite Professor: I have had the most amazing professors in Communication Studies Department, I can’t even begin to name specifics! Every single professor I had throughout my time at California State University Long Beach has been inspiring in some way.

Favorite Class:
-Event Planning: This class was just an amazing opportunity. It was treated as an internship and Dr. Moss treated all her students like adults. This course has helped me prepare for a career in the event marketing industry.
-Folklore and Myth: I took this class as a freshman. It was such a fun and interesting class. I learned about different myths and all different cultures. It was a great first time opportunity in college.

Favorite Spot on Campus: My favorite spot on campus would have to be commencement lawn. The reason is because it has a feeling of success. Every time I was on that lawn I had a feeling that commencement was getting closer and closer. I am beyond excited to finally be on that lawn graduating in May.

Activities and organizations:

-Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity (Spring 2013-Spring 2014)
       *Scholarship Chair
       *Director of Public Relations
       *New Member Educator
-Inter Fraternity Council- Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator
-InterACT Performance Troupe (Fall 2012-Fall 2013)
President’s Ambassadors (Fall 2013-Spring 2014)
Volunteer Ability First- Long Beach

Favorite Quote: “Whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it” -Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)

- Cory Carrasco
Go Beach!