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California State University, Long Beach
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Carly Hayward

Carly Hayward
21 Years old
Green Valley, California, United States
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Year: Graduate / Class of 2007
Major: Nutrition and Dietetics
Groups: Student Dietetic Association, National Society of Collegiate Scholars


Class: Medical Nutrition Therapy
Professor: Dr. Jaqueline Lee
Spot on Campus: Student Union

Carly's Schools

Nevada Union, Green Valley, CA -- C/O 2003

My Beach Experience


y name is Carly Hayward and this is My Beach!

My Beach Experience began with great expectations.  Coming from Grass Valley, a small town in Northern California, CSULB had a wealth of opportunities to offer in higher education.  I knew in high school after working part time with a dietitian that I wanted to do something in the medical field.  CSULB was clearly the university of choice, having one of the best nutrition programs in the State.

Once I arrived at CSULB, My Beach Experience did not disappoint me!  I majored in Nutrition and Dietetics and thrived in the program, learning from my favorite professor, Dr. Jacqueline Lee.  Dr. Lee taught my Medical Nutrition Therapy class, which educated students about the relationship between nutrition and medical conditions / diseases.  I also became involved on campus through the Student Dietetic Association, where I was able to interact with other students in my field and write the monthly newsletter.  While I already miss a lot of the classes and organizations I belonged to on campus, My Beach Experience has prepared and positioned me for a bright future with a career path right after graduation.

Beyond the Beach

In the coming weeks, I am excited to start a combined dietetic internship and masters program with the U.S. Army.  As one of only 10 graduates selected nationwide to participate in the program, I feel like I owe a lot of my success to the great education I received from CSULB.  The professors there all came from different areas of nutrition and dietetics and brought a wealth of information to the classroom, supplemented by guest speakers and presentations from industry professionals.

My first step away from CSULB and towards my career as a registered dietitian is to start graduate work at Baylor University in Texas followed by an internship at a military hospital.  Already commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army, the military hospital internship will allow me to work with doctors to prescribe diets and talk with patients about ways to develop healthy lifestyles to cope with medical conditions / diseases.  This training will undoubtedly help me realize my goal to become a registered dietitian and I couldn’t have gotten this far without stepping through the doors that CSULB opened for me. 

I hope that the Class of 2007 can share in my sentiment that our time at CSULB was rewarding and put us in a great position to succeed in whatever avenues we choose to pursue after graduation.  Good luck in your endeavors and Go Beach!

-- Carly Hayward '07