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California State University, Long Beach
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Ralph Casafrancisco

Elizabeth Baldwin

Quote: "Life passes most people by while they're making grand plans for it" -George Jung

Name: Ralph Andrew Casafrancisco Jr.
Age: 22
Hometown: Anaheim, CA

Ralph Casafrancisco and Friends

Ralph Casafrancisco

Ralph Casafrancisco and Friends


Year: Class of 2009
Major: Sociology
Groups: Pilipino American Coalition


Favorite Classes: Sociology 100 - Intro to Sociology
Favorite Professors: Dr. Linda Espana-Maram
Favorite Spot on Campus: Asian Resource Center

My Beach Experience


y name is Ralph Casafrancisco and this is myBeach experience ... CSULB has been such an awesome place to attend school. I came here straight out of high school, and was a typical college student. Two years later, I became more involved, especially through joining the Pilipino American Coalition, and now many of my colleagues see me as a leader. CSULB has been my second home for the past 5 years and it is hard to believe that I will be graduating this semester, but I will still aim to stay involved someway and give back to what the University has given to me.

Getting to CSULB

CSULB was my first and only choice when I started to apply for colleges. I heard that the art program was great here and it was not too far from home. I ended up changing my major, but I still had a great time here on campus. Getting adjusted to college life was not very hard for me, especially meeting and having great friends to guide you along the way. Once you become involved on the campus, things just become that much easier as you have support from those you care about.

Taking the Opportunities

CSULB and the relationships I have gained here have given me so much. I was able to learn more about subjects that I was interested in while furthering my education and preparing for a career. Bonds were made, and I believe that these bonds will carry on into my post-college years. I also learned skills from attending the Leadership Academy, and being the Vice-President of a great organization, the Pilipino American Coalition. Since CSULB is known to be a commuter school, I think there are many opportunities that students are missing out on as they only go onto campus for classes, but if they open themselves up they will have a much better time on campus. CSULB has challenged by thoughts and beliefs in many ways and I think that what I learned from those experiences have made me stronger.

My Beach Beyond the Beach

When I graduate, I plan to start looking for jobs to head into the right direction of my career. I also plan to experiment and work on my own personal goals and projects to further the knowledge that I received here at CSULB. I also think that it is important and stay involved with the campus. I plan to continue to work with the Pilipino American Coalition to help the organization thrive and continue to inspire people the way that it did for me 3 years ago.  I also think it is important to stay involved with the University; I also plan to join the Alumni Association so that I will also be able to stay in contact with other Alumni to keep the connections and bonds that I have made these past years, and to stay involved however I can with the University. How would we have been able to get nice things on campus like the new Tennis Courts if it had not been by the aid of Alumni here at CSULB?