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California State University, Long Beach
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Rachel Blair

Rachel Blair

Name: Rachel Blair
Age: 21
Hometown: Hemet, CA
Quote: : "Imagination creates reality." -Richard Wagner

The Holidays

Rachel and Dad

San Francisco

Rachel and Ilana


Favorite Class: Vocal Forum
Favorite Professors: Sara Gershwin-Ruzo
Spots on Campus: Daniel Recital Hall
Clubs and/or Activities: Chamber Choir, Opera, Sigma Alpha Iota, Beach Fund


My Beach Experience:

My name is Rachel Blair and this is my Beach Experience…

My Beach experience has been about self discovery. I am constantly learning in and out of the classroom. My few years at CSULB have taught me more about life than many other experiences possibly could have. My parents taught me to dream, but CSULB has given me the tools and the strength necessary to pursue those dreams.

Getting to CSULB:

My Senior year of high school, I knew I was not going directly to a University. My parents believed it was necessary for my brothers and I to prove our commitment to education at a community college before they helped fund a University education. Knowing this, I commuted an hour every day from Hemet to Riverside City College so I could be a part of their thriving music department. My experience at RCC was incredible. I discovered my interest in science, astronomy and biology, as well as my passion for music and performing. I discovered opera, and choral music. I performed with an amazing group of musicians, led by an awe-inspiring director, at the Chicago Symphony Center, as well as at other prestigious venues. My choir director at RCC recommended CSULB's music department to all of his students. When I auditioned for the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at CSULB, I did not think anything could rival my RCC experience.

Taking the Opportunities:

I applied to CSULB as the next step in a journey, not expecting it to be the landmark it has become. I was drawn to the campus for its prestigious music department, but soon discovered it was more than I could have hoped for in a University. All the stresses of school can be instantly washed away by the refreshing ocean air. The weather is amazing when compared to my hometown in the desert. Even though they have been teaching for years, my professors are all just as inspired by their concentrations as I am. I have left the comfort of my loving family in the Inland Empire and found a family here at CSULB consisting of friends from my department as well as from my work place at the Beach Fund. Those friends have supported me through my trials and doubts. They have inspired me to keep going when I thought I was not good enough to make it. The skills and talent of my peers have challenged me to be a better singer and musician. My professors have given me direction. They have sparked a drive in me that I was afraid to acknowledge otherwise. I have grown and learned more in the past year than I have in any other point of my life.

My Beach Beyond The Beach:

I am always striving to be the best at what I do, whether it be in music or life. My education will not end at graduation. I plan to be a student for the rest of my life, learning from everything I do, in and out of school. After graduation, I plan to go to Graduate school for a Masters of Music in Performance. I will stay on my current path and pursue a career in Opera. This incredible dream becomes more realistic for me everyday. My mother pursued her dreams by getting a college education and becoming a high school teacher. Now, she changes lives. She taught me to dream, and she believes in me more than I believe in myself most of the time. With her support, as well as the support of my father, two brothers and loving extended family and friends, I plan to keep working towards my dream until it becomes a reality.

-Rachel Blair
Go Beach!