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California State University, Long Beach
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Joseph R. Malcomb

Joseph R. Malcomb

Name: Joseph R. Malcomb
Hometown: Edwards AFB and San Bernardino, CA
High School: Desert High School and Cajon High School
Age: 22
Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: Chemistry
Favorite Quote: “Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero.” (Seize the day and place no faith in tomorrow.) –Horace.

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My Beach Experience:

My name is Joseph R. Malcomb. I am majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Chemistry and this is myBeach Experience:

I came to Cal State Long Beach knowing that I wanted to use my interest in math and science to help change the world in some way. I was originally a Biomedical Engineering major, but soon switched to Chemical Engineering. This decision was one of the best I have made, as it has opened countless opportunities for my future. While challenging, my studies have been rewarding by showing me how the world works and how it can be changed for the betterment of mankind.

Before my first class at CSULB, I started working at the University Bookstore. It was my first job coming out of high school and I have worked there during my five-year career at The Beach. The bookstore was a great opportunity for me, as they know their employees are students first and foremost. They work around their employees’ class schedules and graciously let me return to work after summer internships.

I have met many great friends at the bookstore, in the chemical engineering department, and in other classes throughout my time at The Beach. I know I could not have made it to graduation without their help and support and hope that we can continue our friendships as we move on into the next chapters of our lives.

My Path to CSULB:

Honestly, CSULB was my backup school, but it ended up being the best choice for me. I knew that I wanted to become some kind of engineer and CSULB offered an engineering program comparable to more well-known schools. I have always loved trips to the beach, so coming to school within 15 minutes of a beach was a huge positive. Also, the campus was close enough to my family that I could visit them on short notice, but far enough away to allow me to grow as an individual. I was accepted into the other schools I applied for, but the combination of a solid education, a great location and low cost made CSULB the best choice to meet my goals.

Seizing Opportunities:

I was very fortunate to be offered two summer internships during my time at CSULB. Through networking in a general chemistry lab, I worked in Torrance for a summer on two very interesting projects. My main project dealt with using nanoparticles to protect materials from chemical and biological warfare. As a side project, I studied the feasibility of using nanoparticles to produce oxygen and hydrogen fuel from nothing but water and sunlight. This internship renewed my curiosity in chemistry, and I shortly thereafter applied for a Minor in Chemistry.

This past summer, I was offered to take an internship position with Occidental Petroleum Corporation (Oxy) in Houston, Texas. For three months, I worked there as a facilities engineer and helped design a salt water disposal facility which was later built in North Dakota. It was a very valuable learning experience that demonstrated to me the importance of learning in the classroom so that I could apply those principles to my future career. I accepted a job offer with Oxy and will be working in their Long Beach office after graduation. I could not have gained these opportunities without the support of my family and friends and the education from CSULB.

My Beach and Beyond:

After working with Oxy for a year, I plan to apply to USC to earn my Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering. If I am accepted, I will continue to work while continuing my education there. After gaining more experience in the petroleum industry, my goal is to lead a team of engineers and have control over my own projects.

I suspect that I will return to Cal State Long Beach to visit both the bookstore and the Chemical Engineering department. I hope that I paid enough attention in class so that I won’t have to return to seek guidance from my professors about problems in my job, but I know they would be welcome to help me out if I asked. I will always support The Beach, no matter where I end up in the world. Go Beach!


Favorite Class: R/ST 391I Religion and Science. This class covered the interactions that take place between religion and science from a philosophical point of view. One of the most important aspects of college is learning about oneself, and I feel that this class helped me discover myself as a person more than any other class.

Favorite Professor: CSULB introduced me to many great professors with a variety of teaching styles. My favorite teacher was Professor Mendez from the Chemical Engineering department. He uses simple concepts to explain complicated phenomena while keeping class interesting and entertaining. He could teach anything and get the point across.

Favorite Spot on Campus: Based on versatility alone, the Horn Center was my favorite place on campus. Whether I needed to catch up on reading, write a paper, plot some graphs on Excel, or even take a nap, the Horn Center had what I needed. I’m going to miss those movable couches and the nice, quiet atmosphere that the Horn Center provided.

Activities and Organizations: I am Vice President of The Engineering Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi. I was also a part of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Chem-E-Car, Intramural Flag Football, National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), Golden Key Honour Society, and The Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

- Joseph R. Malcomb
Go Beach!