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California State University, Long Beach
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Jenette Muhar

Janette Muhar

Name: Janette Muhar

Janette at Six Flags

Janette and Friends

Janette as Monson Maniac

Janette Hiking


Major: Economics

High School: Rialto High School

Age: 21



Favorite Classes: Religous Diversity in America

Favorite Professor: Andrea Griffith

Favorite Spot on Campus: The fountain by the McIntosh Building

Quote: “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death." Albert Einstein

Clubs & Activities: Economic Student Association & Beach Fund

My Beach Experience

My name is Jenette Muhar and this is myBeach Experience…

Since coming to the beach I have had every college experience one could hope for; from living in the dorms to participating in kaleidoscope to being on a team for the fed funds open market simulation project. I have come to find there are almost too many things to participate in and be a part of. I have even had the opportunity to work on campus for three years and in doing so have gotten to be a part of many student and alumni events.

Getting to CSULB

I originally chose to come to CSULB for the dance department. It was a great school that I wanted to be apart of and close enough to home to be able to see family on the weekends.

Taking the Opportunities

CSULB has given me amazing opportunities I have used the career development center to help with my resume and participate in on campus interviews with possible employers. I have also been able to attend various lectures and events in the economics department that has really helped me get more involved with my field of choice. Being a student at CSULB I have met so many new friends and I will cherish my memories here forever.

My Beach Beyond the Beach

After graduation I plan to attend graduate school to get a MA in Economics. I hope shortly after to be able to start working for the government in the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and all the while I plan to be continuously involved with CSULB and the Alumni association.

-Jenette Muhar