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California State University, Long Beach
MyBeach, The Senior Class Experience

Honor Roll

Below are the names of all seniors from the class of 2018 who have taken the step to support The Beach by becoming CSULB Alumni Association Members. The stars accompanying the names of members denotes a purchase of the Beach Pride and Tradition package. These members are recognized as first time donors through the program. The Honor Roll will be updated weekly. We encourage each and every one of you to check back and see the class of 2018 new members grow!

  • Stephanie Cruz
  • Adriel Cruz
  • Jesse Cruz
  • Belen Cuevas
  • Jesse Cuevas
  • Hope Daley
  • Sommer Dalton
  • Guadalupe Damian
  • Jennifer Daskam
  • Dorinda Davie
  • Guadalupe De La Mora
  • Monique De Luna
  • Karen Del Angel-Montero
  • Jesus Del Rio
  • Nataly Delgadillo
  • Justin Delgado
  • Delmar Devers
  • Tara Di Iorio
  • Sabrina Di Marzio
  • Nicole Dorzok
  • Tina Downey
  • Kristin Downing
  • Tyler Dudek
  • Dustin Dunavan
  • Dominique Dupuy
  • Daniel Duran
  • Melissa Ehlers
  • Sara Elgadra
  • Jennifer Elrod
  • Irene Entner
  • Daniel Escobar
  • Josseline Escobar
  • Cristal Escuarda
  • Danny Espinoza
  • Heidi Estevez
  • Yasmin Estrada
  • Yadira Estrada Hernandez
  • Sean Evans
  • Rosa Fard
  • Adam Fente
  • Leslie Fernandez
  • Samantha Flores
  • Vanessa Flores
  • Jorge Flores
  • Amanda Flores
  • Isabel Flores
  • Sarah Forde
  • Jason Foster
  • Summer Franco
  • Brenda Franco
  • Charlotte Frost
  • Jorge Fuentes
  • Olivia Fuerte
  • Jonathan Fujimura
  • Holly Furnish
  • Melecio Galarza
  • Penelope Gallardo
  • Pedro Gallegos
  • David Galvan
  • Arantza Galvan-Robles

NOTE: The honor roll is updated only once per day in the morning. If you do not see your name, please check again later.