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California State University, Long Beach
MyBeach, The Senior Class Experience
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Honor Roll

Below are the names of all seniors from the class of 2017 who have taken the step to support The Beach by becoming CSULB Alumni Association Members. The stars accompanying the names of members denotes a purchase of the Beach Pride and Tradition package. These members are recognized as first time donors through the program. The Honor Roll will be updated weekly. We encourage each and every one of you to check back and see the class of 2017 new members grow!

  • Katherine Pascacio
  • Matthew Patao
  • Jawahar Reddy Patlolla
  • Isabella Paz
  • Yvette Pelayo
  • Nicholas Penza
  • Brigitte Perea
  • Andrea Perez
  • Armando Perez
  • Alejandra Perez
  • Crystal Perez
  • Vicente Perez
  • Carlos Perez
  • Alejandra Perez Montero
  • Minue Perez Valdez
  • Courtney Perkett
  • Jarrett Perkins
  • Laurin Peters
  • Christine Petit
  • Shannon Pham
  • Cassidie Pham
  • Hellen Pham
  • Misty Pham
  • Kelicia Phelps
  • Sarah Phoenix
  • Nancy Phong
  • Frank Pineda
  • Danielle Piper
  • Shawn Plett
  • Cathy Ponce
  • Elizabeth Ponce
  • Austin Ponzi
  • Natalie Poot
  • Katelyn Porraz
  • Janet Portillo
  • Brandon Provencal
  • Ricardo Pulido
  • Joshua Pulliam
  • Martha Angela Quijano
  • Shaakira Raasikh
  • Christopher Radisich
  • Naomi Rahman
  • Darunee Rakkhwan
  • Bahman Ramezani
  • Rajvi Rami
  • Camilo Ramirez
  • Melanie Ramirez
  • Carmen Ramos
  • Christina Ramos
  • Alison Ramos
  • Samantha Ramos
  • Isabel Ramos
  • Adan Ramos Lopez
  • Naomie Ranatunge
  • Gerardo Rangel
  • Corey Rau
  • Gerardo Raya
  • Jessica Rayo
  • Brittany Reed
  • Justin Reinhardt

NOTE: The honor roll is updated only once per day in the morning. If you do not see your name, please check again later.