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California State University, Long Beach
Alumni Association

Roster of Staff

Full Name Position/Department Years
A Rodeen Library Clerical Staff, Library Staff 1963
A H. Dulmes Health Office 1963
A. Nordquist Assistant Coach, Athletics - Basketball 1958
A. H. Hintz Chaplain, Organization: Lutheran Student Association 1960
Adelaide Scott Supervisor, Student Personnel Program 1951-1956,1959-1962
Adeline Walker Snack-bar Supervisor, 49er Shops Cafeteria 1961
Aileen W. Propes Librarians, Library 1963-1965
Albert Patching 1960
Alice Gabrielson Order Department Clerk 1959,1962
Alice Williams Secretary to President, Office of the President 1950-1952
Alice A. Gabrielson Librarians, Library 1963,1965
Aljean Borer Admissions Office Personnel 1953
Allan Andrews Library Staff 1960-1961
Amelia Bronson Head Supervisor, 49er Shops Cafeteria 1953-1955,1960-1961
Andrew Landay Librarians, Library 1956-1958
Andrew D. Carter Instructor, Education 1965
Angelina Epihin Secretary to Deans, Office 1950
Anna Rose Library 1956,1959-1960,1962
Anna M. Rose Library Clerical Staff, Library Staff 1963
Anne Broches Division Secretaries 1954-1955

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