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California State University, Long Beach
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Dr. Robert E. Hayes Professor Emeritus, Political Science (1961-2007)

Robert Hayes PortraitDescribe your experience at LBSC. What was one of your most memorable experiences while at LBSC?

I have no single most memorable experience; however, I had great job satisfaction working with fine faculty and staff. I enjoyed training students not what to think but how to think; having discussions with students and faculty; having coffee in the chart room and the other food services; helping students with letters of recommendation; seeing students in public places where they re-introduce themselves to me; working with student groups and seeing students succeed after first having difficulties. That is memorable to me.

Why did you decide to work at LBSC?

There were great opportunities for growing; it was a relatively new state college. It is a fine place to live in Southern California, more specifically the Long Beach area.

Do you still stay in contact with other former staff or faculty?

I maintain a little contact. I occasionally bring lilies from my backyard to give to department secretaries and friends on campus, and I also attend the Bookstore Christmas Parties and things like that.

What are you doing today?

On weekends, enjoying our excellent library and resources. I spend my time reading books, newspapers, magazines, etc.; writing letters to the editors; traveling to visit my extended family; giving friends and relatives fruit from my backyard orchard.

What would be one word to describe the campus environment during the time you served?


Robert Hayes (4th from right) with the Political Science Department in 1963.

Robert Hayes (4th from left) with the Politcal Science Department in 1963.


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