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Paul Fisher, '63 English

Paul Fisher

Describe your college experience.

My years at LBSC were busy mainly with sports (I was a member of the Track and Cross Country teams), academics, and working in the Library as a student assistant. I didn’t have a lot of time for social activities on top of all that.

Where was your favorite hang-out on campus and why?

An avid runner during and after college, my main hang-out was the Track. But it turned out to be a good place to spend time, because in addition to running, that is also where I met my wife!

Which professor or staff made an impact on your academic and professional career and why?

I had a few people make an impact on my life at LBSC. First of all, Coach Jack Rose is the reason I decided to come to Long Beach and run Track here. Professor Louise Lubbe who taught English was also very influential academically for me. She pushed us all to be better readers and to look at pieces of writing with a more critical eye.

How did LBSC prepare you for life after college?

College and LBSC were life changing for me. My classes and experiences opened up a lot of possibilities for me, improved my discipline, and impacted the rest of my life.

What did you do after graduation?

In addition to working for McDonnell Douglas and (among other things) helping them create an employee fitness program, I also started the Long Beach Marathon Prep Run with Jack Rose. The 16.2 mile run was a popular way to get ready for the Western Hemisphere Marathon in Culver City.

What are you doing today?

Today I am spending time honing my guitar skills and playing for a variety of audiences. I play at church as well as Tuesday mornings at the Redding Library for Preschool Storytime. I am also staying active with walking and cycling and enjoying life in Northern California.


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Paul Fisher and Jack Rose

LBSC Coach Jack Rose (l) presents Paul Fisher (r) an award for the first ten years of the 16.2 mile Long Beach Prep Run

Fred Grace, Jack Lalanne, and Paul Fisher

Fred Grace, Jack LaLanne, and Paul Fisher (l-r) at the the City of Tustin's 3rd annual "Witness to Fitness"

Paul Fisher and team

Paul running with his team while at LBSC.