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California State University, Long Beach
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Mary F. (Ramos) Recinos , '63, Elementary Education

Mary Recinos Portrait

Describe your college experience. What was your fondest memory of LBSC?

In the beginning I found attending college rather overwhelming. The classes were large and filled with strangers. Thank heavens as the years went by it got much better. My fondest memory was singing Handel's Messiah with the college choir.

What was your favorite hang-out on campus? What were some popular songs, fads, and expressions?

My favorite hang-out was the Grill, which was adjacent to the cafeteria. My friends and I would eat hamburgers and talk. My favorite song was Surfin' USA by the Beach Boys; the fad for girls was to wear wool skirts and saddle shoes; and one of the most popular expresssions was "Make love, not war".

What Professor or staff made an impact on your academic or professional career and why?

Dr. Leland Perry, my speech teacher, was very friendly and helpful. He would talk with me and he even knew my name. He was also very good at giving advice.

What did you do after graduating? What are you doing today?

After college, I married my high school sweetheart, and we had three children. After they were born I started working in Paramount as a primary teacher. After teaching 38 years, I am currently retired. I have the luxury of substituting and volunteering at my school. On my spare time I enjoy water aerobics, reading, scrapbooking, and knitting.

Tell us something about the value and/or meaning of your CSULB experience.

I received an excellent education at LBSC. My education classes prepared me for my teaching position in Paramount. Because of CSULB, I had a wonderful teaching career. I worked with dedicated teachers and wonderful students.


Mary Recinos with here class.

Mary Recinos with her final 3rd grade class before retiring.

Mary Recinos with her mother and three children, Christopher, Lisa, and Elizabeth.

Mary Recinos with her mother and three children, Christopher, Lisa, and Elizabeth during the holiday season.

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