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California State University, Long Beach
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Marsha Mattson-Joy, '63, Elementary Education

Marsha Mattson-Joy  portrait

What activities/organizations were you involved in while attending LBSC? What was your fondest memory of LBSC?

I was not in a sorority or involved with sports, but I was active in other areas. I was on the Forensics Speech Team where I did Oral Interpretation. I was also a member of the Association for Childhood Education (ACE). Twice I won the Barbara Greenwood Scholarship for early elementary education. I have many fond memories of school; I remember seeing Margaret Mead speak in a program on campus. My fondest memory was playing violin in the Chamber Orchestra. I played for four years doing the first or second violin parts.

Which professor or staff made an impact on your academic or professional career and why?

Dr. Bertram C. McGarrity the orchestra leader helped me with my passion for music. Bela Biro, was my art history teacher and he inspired my passion for art. I visited Europe a few times and I enjoyed seeing the art work that I learned about at school.

Tell us something about the value and/or meaning of your CSULB experience?

LBSC has one of the best reputations of the state colleges today. When I went there it was a small school. I am happy to see it has grown and it is nice to know that I was part of that.

How large is your Beach Family?

My younger sister Suzanne attended LBSC. She graduated in 1971 with her B.A. in psychology.

What are you doing today?

I am working as a para-professional in the classroom. I work with first grade through third grade students needing extra help because of disciplinary or physical challenges, and have done so for 11 years with the inclusion program. I am still playing my violin too. I am serving as Vice President for the California Symphony Alliance which works with the California Symphony in Walnut Creek to help raise money and support for music programs in my community and the bay area. I also stay active playing tennis weekly, and swimming and doing yoga to stay healthy.

What popular fads do you remember?

The girls would never wear pants. I never wore jeans or anything like that, only skirts. That was the way we dressed back then. There were no backpacks either. I had to carry all my books in my arms.

What was your favorite band/singer while at LBSC?

I liked Johnny Mathis, and I like his song Misty. When I was in college I went to see him at the Cocoanut Grove.

Marsha Mattson-Joy with the Asociation for Childhood Education in 1963.

Marsha Mattson-Joy, '63, (Front row: far left) with the Association for Childhood Education..

Marsha Mattson-Joy helping first grade student with candy structure.

Marsha Mattson-Joy helping first grade student with candy structure.

Marsha Mattson-Joy playing the violin.

Marsha Mattson-Joy playing the violin.

Marsha Mattson-Joy with fellow Class of 1963 alumni Peggard Engard.

Marsha Mattson-Joy with 1963 classmate Peggy Engard.

Marsha-Mattson Joy with her husband Michail Leydiker.

Marsha Mattson-Joy with her husband Michail Leydiker


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