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California State University, Long Beach
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Marilynn Kingston Harvey, '58 B.A. Elementary Education

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How did LBSC prepare you for life after college?

LBSC prepared me for my career in teaching which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was only there for two years having come to LBSC from Long Beach City College, and the semester was filled up with student teaching and completing my courses. I taught school for many years, elementary and secondary in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. I also worked as a paralegal for a family-law attorney (who also is a Tri-Delta) for 15 years after I retired from teaching. My last job was part-time as an assistant to a financial planner. I feel that my years at LBSC, as well as my experiences while there, all provided me with the skills to exceed at whatever I wanted to do or be. I enjoyed every minute of LBSC and had a wonderful career as a teacher because of the education I received.

What were your fondest memories of LBSC?

My fondest memories were the friends I made while attending LBSC. I was very active with my sorority, Delta Delta Delta. Most of my contacts and friends that I have today were made 51 years ago such as my Tri Delta friends from my years at LBSC. They are Marlene (Hair) Blaue, Nancy (Heim) Upham, Sharon (Childers) Reinhart and Joyce (Vickers) Navarre. We still see each other quite often; play bridge, birthday celebrations, lunches, and remembering the old days. We have been there for each other in good and bad situations for more years than I wish to remember. They are my sisters in more ways than just being Tri Deltas.

Did you attend any student events? Where was your favorite hang-out on campus and why?

I attended all of the events that were held on campus. At that time, the only place to "hang out" was in the cafeteria where all of the sororities and fraternities had "tables".

How or have you been involved as an alumni?

I have been very active in my sorority, Tri-Delta, since my graduation from Long Beach. I moved to Yorba Linda 50 years ago, and joined the local group at that time. I have belonged to Eastern Orange County alumnae chapter of Tri-Delta and have held all of the offices in our local group.

In addition, I attended many football and basketball games for many years after graduation and still follow basketball today.

What are you doing today?

I have traveled to many foreign shores in the last few years, mostly on cruises. I have enjoyed every country that I have seen; of course, some more than others. Each country is unique it its own way. I am traveling to the British Isles soon in the near future. I am looking forward to seeing those countries.

What advice would you give to a current student today?

Study hard but enjoy everyday while at Cal State University, Long Beach.


1986 Tri Delta Convention in Scottsdale, AZ. From Left to Right: Marilynn Kingston Harvey, '58, Marlene (Hair) Blaue, '59, Barbara (Burns) Newton, '58, Nancy (Heim) Upham, '59, Carolynn Kingston Reed, '58, and seated on the ground, Myrna (Bagley) Twiss, '60.



Marilynn (left) with her twin sister, Carolynn in 1997. She graduated alongside her in 1958 from LBSC. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and has passed away. Marilynn shares, "I miss her every day of my life; she was not only my twin sister but my best friend."


1986 Tri Delta Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona. From Left to Right: Marilynn Kingston Harvey, '58, Marlene (Hair) Blaue, '58, Myrna (Bagley) Twiss, '60, Carolynn Kingston Reed, '58, Nancy (Heim) Upham, '59.


Photo taken in 2009 at the Old Ranch Country Club. All in photo are Tri Delta friends from LBSC. From Left to right: Marlene (Hair) Blaue,'59, Marilynn Kingston Harvey, '58, Sharon (Childers) Reinhardt, Nancy (Heim) Upham, '59, Laura (Upham) Conroy, Joyce (Vickers) Navarre, '61.

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