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California State University, Long Beach
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Dr. George Demos (1959-1960), Director of University Counseling Center (1962-1964), Dean of Students (1965-1970), Professor Psychology, Ed. Psychology (1970-2006)

Dr. George Demos Profile Picture 1965. What years did you work at LBSC?

I first worked at LBSC from 1959-1960. Then I left to teach at San Fernando Valley State College for two years before returning as the Director of University Counseling Center. Then I was promoted to Dean of Students and served for five years from 1965-1970. After that I started teaching Pyschology and Educational Psychology until I retired in 2006. I helped run the Student Personal Services in Higher Education master's program as well as taught in the marriage and family counseling program.

Describe your experience at LBSC?

Overall it was a great experience. It was such a good experience and I loved every minute. I was impressed by the students and master students. I thought the university did a great job of giving back to the student body.

What was one of your most memorable experiences while at LBSC?

The most memorable had to be as Dean of Students. During my tenure I really got into with the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). They would have large demonstrations, protesting the Vietnam War. They forced the campus to close down with protests, so we would have the media and press coming down. There was a lot of attention focused on Berkeley, but Long Beach was up there in terms of controversy. I was in charge of disciplining these students and it became nasty. I had to have my own private security because they knew where I lived and they made threats on my life. It was a stressful time.Those five years as Dean of Students were some of the hardest but most memorable of my life.

Why did you decide to work at LBSC?

I loved the beach environment and I fell in love with Long Beach. However, I do have a funny story as to how I stayed. I used to give speeches in Hawaii about drug abuse things of that nature and one day the Head of the Republican Party asked me if I wanted to run for office, for US Senate in Hawaii. I told Dr. McIntosh about my plans to enter politics, but he convinced me to stay at Long Beach by offering me a promotion to be Dean of Students. So I decided to stay at Long Beach State, and little did I know that the promotion would be the worst five years of my life. Dr. McIntosh really had confidence in me though and was a tremendous influence on my career. I really admired him.

Do you still stay in contact with former staff or faculty?

Yes, I am actually working with Richard Marrs and Earl Beecher on a project to help veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We are awaiting to receive a grant which we will then use to open facilities in Huntington Beach and Palm Springs. We will offer 20 different approaches of therapy in order to treat PTSD. I used to have a private practice as a psychologist helping those who served in the Vietnam War and those coming from Cambodia or Vietnam, and having served in the Army, I have experience in this field.

What are you doing today?

I serve part time as an advisor at National University which is a private university. I provide guidance to students seeking to be counselors in higher education. I also do some track and field. I compete in the Senior Olympics and this past June I competed in 8 events and won gold in every single one.

What would be one word to describe the campus/students/environment during the time you served?





Dr. George Demos addressing a student demonstration organized by the Students for a Democratic Society. Spring 1967

Dr. George Demos, as Dean of Students, addressing a demonstration organized by the Students for a Democratic Society during Spring Semester 1967



George Demos wearing his 8 gold medals from the days events. George Demos wearing his 8 gold medals after competing in the Senior Olympics in June 2013.



Dr. George Demos (Back row 4th from right) in 1967 with Deans from California State University System.

Dr. George Demos (Back row fourth from right) in 1967 with Deans of Students from the California State University System.


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