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California State University, Long Beach
Alumni Association

Faculty Spotlights

Stuart Farber

Dr. Dan Baker

Professor Emeritus

TV, Radio, and Film (1961-1990)

Kenneth T. Barlett

Kenneth T. Barlett

Professor Emeritus, Physical Education, (1960-1997)

Gymnastics Coach (1960-1973)

Portrait of Dr. George Demos

Dr. George Demos

Director of University Counseling Center (1962-1964),

Dean of Students (1965-1970),

Professor Psychology, Ed. Psychology (1970-2006)

Stuart Farber

Stuart Farber

''58 M.A., '58 Secondary Education Credential

Staff Emeritus, Dean of Students (1960-2003)

Portrait of Norma Brandel Gibbs

Norma Brandel Gibbs

Professor Emeritus, Educational Psychology and Administration (1957-1993)

Dot Goldish

Dorothy "Dot" Goldish

Professor Emerita, Chemistry and Biochemistry (1958-2003)

Portrait of Dr. Robert E. Hayes

Dr. Robert E. Hayes

Professor Emeritus

Political Science (1961-2007)




Portrait of Dixie Grimmett

Dixie Grimmett

Professor Emerita

Kineosiology (1964-2010)




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Howard Hitchcock

Howard Hitchcock

Professor Emeritus, Art (1958-1990)

Tim Jordanides

Dr. Thymios (Tim) Jordanides

Professor Emeritus

Electrical Engineering (1964-2003)

Portrait of John McConnell

John McConnell

Professor Emeritus, Physical Education (1953-1986), Baseball Coach (1954-1959), Associate Dean, School of Applied Arts and Sciences (1968-1986)

Portrait of Leslie Mittleman

Leslie Mittleman

Professor Emeritus

English (1957-1998)

Portrait of Robert Pestolesi

Robert "Bob" Pestolesi

'53 M.A. Education

Professor Emeritus, Physical Education (1955-1978), Football Coach (1955-1978), Tennis Coach (1955-1958). Golf Coach (1972-1973), Department Chair (1966-1978)

Dr. Don Reish

Dr. Donald J. Reish

Professor Emeritus

Biology, Marine Biology (1958-2014)

Portrait of Donald Smith

Donald H. Smith

Professor Emeritus

Industrial Arts (1959-1993)



Portrait of KY Shen

K.Y. Shen

Professor Emeritus

Astronomy (1961-1999)