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California State University, Long Beach
Alumni Association

Dr. Earl S. Beecher, Dept. of Finance, Real Estate, and Law (1961-1994), Dept. Chairman

Earl Beecher ProfileDescribe your experience at Long Beach State?

Regarding working with students, it was great. I spent most of my time with Master’s degree
candidates. I also occasionally taught upper division classes, but hardly ever a lower division class. It was just the way things worked out.

Why did you decide to work at LBSC?

They offered me a job and my teaching experience at UCLA had been rewarding.

Do you stay in contact with former faculty or staff?

Only on rare occasions with someone from the Business College. I am in close contact with Dr. George Demos, who retired from Psychology and was the former Dean of Students. We are setting up a nationwide network of PTSD Treatment medical centers. He will handle the psychological / medical aspects and I will handle the business aspects. It will offer both outpatient and inpatient treatments. There will be about 250 outpatient centers and four major inpatient hospitals. These will be in Palm Springs, San Diego, Las Vegas and Chicago. The national headquarters will be in Huntington Beach.

What are you doing today?

Since my retirement I’ve run my own independent record label on which I released over500 CDs by more than 200 artists, worked in an investment advisory firm, and producedhosted over 400 TV and 1600 radio interview shows which were broadcast worldwide. Currently I continue to host a weekly musical radio show on KBeach-FM radio right here on campus. I’ve been doing it for almost 14 years now. (Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., with rebroadcast on Sundays from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.).

What would be one word to describe the campus/students/environment at the time you served?

I need to use two words. Regarding teaching and the students – “delightful.” Regarding campus politics and the rest of it, – “stressful”



Earl Beecher doing his radio show.

Dr. Beecher on air during his radio show.


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