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California State University, Long Beach
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Dr. Donald J. Reish, Biology, Marine Biology, (1958-2014) Professor Emeritus, Internship Coordinator

Donald Reish Potrait

What years did you work at LBSC?

Well I never really left.  I started in 1958 and taught until 1988. However, I was still around campus doing research from '88 to 2000.  Before retiring, I occupied the position of Internship Coordinator and I resumed that role in 2000 serving that position today.  I have always emphasized helping students and that is what I do, connecting them with companies like the Aquarium of the Pacific, the VA hospital, and the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP) to get hands on experience. 

One of the highlights for me in this post was having the opportunity to have my grandson as a student in the internship program!  He asked me, “Grandpa, am I going to get an A?” which I said to him, "No". It was credit, no credit. I had another high profile intern named Steven Spielberg.  He didn’t come to me. I went to see him at Universal Studios.

What was one of your most memorable experiences at LBSC?

One of my lasting accomplishments and thus memories was establishing the Marine Biology Degree.  We took existing curriculum and the infrastructure already in place and adjusted it to make it into a cohesive degree.  It came at an appropriate time as we established the semester in Catalina and had our own boat. Students came from everywhere to enroll in our program. One of my former students came from Indiana and is now the director of a marine station in Maine. Again, I am fond of the fact that I have been able to help students.  I sold worms for toxicological studies through the Foundation which helps fund my student graduate research and my own research.

Why did you decide to work at LBSC?

I knew I wanted to teach. I was conducting post-doctorate research, studying the pollution in LA harbor when I heard of an opening at LBSU.  I reached out to the campus and wrote a letter, and few weeks later I met with Dale Arvey who served as the de facto Chairman. I met with Dr. Peterson after that and the rest is history.

Do you stay in contact with other former staff or faculty?

Yes. Occasionally I will see Dr. Byron Kluss. We used to have seats at the Long Beach Symphony so I would see him then. I also occasionally visit with Charlie Collins and Ron Kroman as well as other faculty members at the Christmas Party every year.

What would be one word to describe the campus/students/environment during your time?

“Great.” If I could be reincarnated, I would do it again.  It is still fun for me.  


Donald Reish (Third row far right) with the rest of the 1963 Biology Department.

Donald Reish (3rd Row, far right) with the rest of the Biology department in 1963.


The Zoology department in 1962 comprised of Ross Hardy, Dale Arvey, Richard Loomis, Arthus Lockley, Donald Reish, and John White.

Members from the Biology department in 1962, comprised of Ross Hardy, Dale Arvey, Richard Loomis, Arthus Lockley, Donald Reish, John White (l-r).

Donald Reish outside his lab, overlooking the the Macintosh. Don continues to do research on campus three days a week.

Donald Reish standing outside his lab on the third floor of the Microbiology building. Don continues to do research on campus three days a week.


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