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California State University, Long Beach
Alumni Association

1970 - 1979


The New Psychology Building, Near Completion Dwarfs Passing Students.

Construction of the Student Union and Psychology Building, 1970

Construction clamor perturbs professors and students as construction continued for these two buildings.  This year was one of the largest building programs in the history of the college to be completed by November of 1970.

Students March for Peace, 1970

The people’s will generates a force for peace and determined CSCLB students march on the Long Beach draft board in protest of the Vietnam War.

Students march for peace on the streets in protest of the Vietnam War.

Largest Band on West Coast, 1970

CSCLB boasts the largest band on West Coast as the Forty-Niner Marching Band performs before a national TV audience during the New York Jets- San Diego Chargers game.

Many Hours of practice pay off as the Forty-Niner Marching Band performs live for television on the football field of the San Diego Chargers.

New President to CSCLB, 1971

Dr. Steve Horn, the new president of California State College, Long Beach.  Stephen Horn is easy going and enjoys laughing.  He believes everyone has something to say and deserves to be heard.

Photo of Steven Horn at work.

The Student Union Becomes the Heart of Campus, 1976-1977

The student-owned, student run union, is the place to meet during the academic year. 

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Ride the Little Toot Toot to Class, 1976-1977

Students take the boat-looking shuttle bus to and from classes and study hall.

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CSCLB Dominates the 1976 Olympic Games, 1976

Sixteen participants in the 1976 Olympic Games came from CSCLB, more than any other American university.

CSCLB Made the Guiness's Book of World Records,1978

The university makes a world record with the largest submarine sandwich on record.

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