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California State University, Long Beach
Alumni Association

1960 - 1969


Student Body President Bob Swansbrough welcomes new and returning students in his convocation address.

Sweepstakes Winner "Showboat"

Dr. Carl McIntosh becomes new president of the college.

The new Industrial Arts building.

New Engineering Building in 1962.

Nixon visits LBSC in 1962.

Campus Sign at Bellflower Boulevard entrance.

Beechcraft Bonanza crashed on lower campus.

Plastic I.D. cards help these students speed through the process at registration.

Hundreds of students graduate as the class of 1969.


New Form of Operation for Student Government, 1960

For the first time in the school's history, student government was operated on a three branch level.

LBSC Celebrates its 10th Anniversary at Homecoming, 1960

Long Beach State College celebrates its 10th Anniversary at Homecoming by parade down on Ocean Blvd.

Carl McIntosh Becomes LBSC's Second President, 1961

Carl McIntosh, gives his acceptance in the Little Theatre.

Industrial Arts Building is Complete, 1961

The Industrial Arts building on lower campus was completed in time for classes.

More Faculty Join the LBSC Campus, 1961

LBSC has done a great deal to spread knowledge, the size of faculty has grown to 391 full-time members, with 64% of them holding doctorate degrees.

The Engineering Building Becomes the New Addition to Lower Campus, 1962

The building is well equipped giving more opportunities for students to study the various fields of engineering.

Nixon Comes To LBSC, 1962

The college holds a series of lectures in which, Richard Nixon, former vice president of the United States, speaks to a huge crowd of LBSC student's during his campaign for governor of California.

Getting to School... Getting Through School, 1963

Long Beach State provides 3929 parking spots for its commuting students.

New Mark at LBSC, 1963

A $25,000 decorative addition now marks and lights the Bellflower campus entrance.

LBSC Changes to CSCLB, 1964

One of the most controversial changes this year has been the change of name from Long Beach State College to California State College at Long Beach. This transition to a new name is also part of the changing college scene.

Memorial Service Held on Campus in Honor of JFK, 1964

The campus comes together for a Memorial Service in the central mall, in honor of John F. Kennedy. The choir sang, and President McIntosh delivered a moving and appropriate address.

CSCLB Adopts a New Seal, 1965

Three new symbols add to our traditions: the sun and the sea, a book denoting scholarship, and a pick and shovel representing the college's 49er theme.

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Plane Crashes on Lower Campus, 1965

In mid January a Beechcraft Bonanza crashed on lower campus. Firemen hose down the lower campus volleyball court on which the plane crashed.

The New Physical Education Building, 1966

The new Physical Education building symbolizes the ancient Greek principle that both a healthy mind a healthy body are requisites for complete intellectual development.

The Division of Engineering Becomes a Prominent Division on Campus, 1966

With the addition of several new challenging courses, it now offers a Master’s degree in three different fields, civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering.

Radio 49 Airs On Campus, 1967

Initiated in 1967, as part of an overall expansion on the speech department, Radio 49 airs campus news.

 Student Enrollment Doubles, 1968

Since President McIntosh took office in 1961, the number of students doubled to 21,000.

Forty-Niner Man Makes its Debut on Campus, 1967

Spectators watch President Carl W. McIntosh unveil the Forty -Niner man March 29. The bronze project was sculptured by Ben Barker and sponsored by Circle K.

Crowds, Lines, Frustrations Marks Registration & Orientation, 1968

Enrolling over 22,000 students makes CSCLB the largest campus in the California State College System.

Demonstrations and Protest Rallies, 1968

Students took an active interest in the major issues of the day.

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Student I.D.'s Save Time During the Registration Process, 1969

An innovation this year was the plastic identification card. The card saved students from writing their names and numbers countless times.

More and more graduates, graduate from CSCLB, 1969

CSCLB now tallies 32,244 graduates, the retiring College President Carl W. McIntosh conferred degrees to his tenth and final graduating class.